The Typefaces


The Typefaces are simply faces in type. Born in a book, they can now be found climbing walls, walking the malls, and spending way too much time on social media.

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The Strangest, yet Amusing Days on Earth!


I’ve always been interested in different customs from around the world as they reveal a unique aspect of a culture that might seem a bit strange to people from other parts of the world – but this is exactly what makes these customs so interesting!

To highlight all of these unique and strange days on earth, the online travel authority Expedia Sweden, has made a unique series of illustrated traditions and holidays from across the globe. Have a look for yourself.

Monkey Buffet

What do you do when ever-hungry monkeys are the primary source of tourism to your town? In Pra Prang, Thailand the answer is to throw them a once-a-year all-you-can-eat buffet bonanza.


Though it was meant to promote Australia’s tuna industry, the festival is mostly known and celebrated for one thing: the tuna toss.

Las Fallas

A Spanish fiesta where the whole of Valencia is literally set ablaze. The 5-day fire festival ends with the destruction of huge paper-maché statues. With the crowds chanting at midnight, all but one of the effigies is burnt – with the favourite surviving in the Fallero Museum for posterity.


Every April, to celebrate New Year, the world’s largest water gun fight takes place in Thailand. And no, it’s not just some small isolated village. We’re talking about an entire country drowning itself with water pistols. The fun isn’t limited to water guns – some people prefer to use buckets or even let elephants take part.

Konaki Sumo

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Walking Dead Character Illustrative Prints


I have been working on a series of illustrative prints around the theme of the TV show “the walking dead”. Each print reduces each character down to just 2/3 objects/symbols that sum up that character in a iconographic way. I have so far illustrated: Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Michonne, Daryl Dixon and Morgan Jones.


Chinese Elements Colouring Book


So much of the contemporary fashion/streetwear is focusing on the use of English worlds. We wanna explore the new possibility from our Asian roots, and do some updated Chinese inspired stuff! If you like our stuff, repose hashtags, spread the love!


Animated Horror GIFs from Baboon Creation

Micheal Myers

Michael Myers

Lock your doors and buy some extra undies. Everyday, during the month of October, we bring to you some of the scariest characters that haunted your childhood. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s nightmare… if you can… MUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


Cousin Itt

The Wicked Witch of the West

Teen Wolf

The Grady Twins

Hannibal Lecter




Freddy Krueger

Creature from the Black Lagoon



Jason Voorhees



Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky

Frankenstein’s Monster

This project is the result of an awesome collaboration between Baboon (Art Direction) and Simon Lagneau (Motion Design).


Food Doodles by Zan Mixter


Artist Zan Mixter has been drawing a “food doodle” every day this year.

From hors d’oeuvres to sandwiches to fruit and everything in between, her take on drawing is whimsical and delicious!

Each drawing is a blend of analogue and digital, combining pen-and-ink illustration with beautiful digitally-added coloring.

You can see more on her Instagram account.


Free Charming Cartoonish Faces


This is a amazing and vibrant set of cartoonish smiling faces illustrations made for you to use for avatars.

From sad to happy faces, from one-eyed cyclops to mister moustache, these illustrations really bring a smile to your face :)

Download them here for free!


Jungle Custom Hand Engraved Lighters by Rocco Malatesta


Whether out in the jungle or starting a camp fire, it’s no secret that lighters are a good companion. Rocco Malatesta hand engraved Zippo lighters are designed and engraved by hand and limited to one piece.


Illustration by Claire O’Brien

The Little Donkey Without a Tail by Claire O'Brien Illustration

Heavily inspired by the rich, colourful culture and traditional costumes of South East Asia, Claire has created soft, playful illustrations depicting the stories and people she has encountered on her travels.

Inspired by the rich and vibrant folk-art and crafts of the indigenous peoples in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China, she is particularly fascinated by the culture and traditions of the Hmong people, whose embroidered clothing is famous throughout Asia for its wonderful colour and depth.

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Halo Master Chief & Akira Prints


Carrying on the Theme of my recent Star Wars and Game of Thrones Prints, I have illustrated two Prints based on Halo and Akira.

All these prints are available from and from the shop on my website