Spectacular Detailed Pixel Art Illustrations By Octavi Navarro

Octavi Navarro was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1979. The artist, who taught himself how to paint, not only illustrates children’s books, but is also a talented pixel artist. More:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/spectacular-detailed-pixel-art-illustrations-by-octavi-navarro/

“Hot Pursuit”: The Superb Retro Wave Digital Artworks By James White

These digital illustrations are from the Retro Wave series by designer James White of Dartmouth, Canada. The artist runs the Signalnoise Studio and his personal work has been published in numerous international magazines. More: Signalnoise, Behance, Facebook...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/hot-pursuit-the-superb-retro-wave-digital-artworks-by-james-white/

Stefan Koidl Continues To Create Spooky Illustrations, And You Shouldn’t Click If You’re Easily Frightened

Stefan Koidl (previously) is an Austrian freelance illustrator and a concept artist, who creates eerie illustrations in Photoshop. His works feature various creepy motives, ranging from urban legends to mythical creatures. Stefan said he has been drawing since he was a little kid but started focusing on drawing professionally about 3 years ago. When asked what inspires him to create these eerie...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/stefan-koidl-continues-to-create-spooky-illustrations-and-you-shouldnt-click-if-youre-easily-frightened/

Retro And Futuristic Illustrations By James Gilleard

James Gilleard has a style that is at once retro and futuristic, combining a definite sense of nostalgia with a clear, powerful message with a uniquely angular yet organic technique. James’ experience in both the games and production industries serves him well when he produces animation, editorial, advertising and publishing assets for his extensive list of clients. More: James Gilleard...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/retro-and-futuristic-illustrations-by-james-gilleard/

“Time In Motion”: Absolutely Amazing Digital Illustrations By The Russian Artist Evgeny Kazantsev

Technology is constantly growing and affecting our daily lives. From drones, solar energy or the evolution of vehicle design, technology’s integration into cities, oceans and the planet overall changes the face of our daily experience. Evgeny Kazantsev (previously), Russian graphic artist who has recently unveiled a set of illustrations that envision the future based on current technological...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/time-in-motion-absolutely-amazing-digital-illustrations-by-the-russian-artist-evgeny-kazantsev/

“Distant Rain”: Superb Stylish & Neon Illustrations By Igor Piwowarczyk

Yet another weekend is gone we don’t stop our mission of bringing awesome art for you guys! Today we’re featuring the gorgeous work of Polish artist Igor Piwowarczyk. He’s got some super awesome pieces, full of details and totally stylish. More: Igor Piwowarczyk...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/distant-rain-superb-stylish-neon-illustrations-by-igor-piwowarczyk/

The Everyday Struggles Of All Plus-Size Women Depicted By The Artist Gabriele Pennacchioli

Gabriele grew up in the small town of Origgio, just outside of Milan, Italy. He attended the Liceo Artistico and went on to study fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, also in Milan. He has lived in London, Munich, Copenhagen and Los Angeles, his current home base. Gabriele started his career as a comic book artist drawing for Diabolik a Visund Dylan Dog. In 2001...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/the-everyday-struggles-of-all-plus-size-women-depicted-by-the-artist-gabriele-pennacchioli/

“Forever Alone”: Superb Editorial Illustrations By Angelica Alzona

Angelica Alzona is a NYC-based Filipino-American illustrator, animator and designer from Washington, DC. She is currently the senior editorial illustrator for Gizmodo Media Group, formerly Gawker, making work for Gizmodo, Splinter, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, The Root, Lifehacker and Jalopnik. More: Angelica Alzona...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/forever-alone-superb-editorial-illustrations-by-angelica-alzona/

Atmospheric Illustrations By Antoine Maillard

Detailed and atmospheric works by the French illustrator Antoine Maillard. His illustrations, mostly in monochrome colors, tell a story and appear in publications such as The New Yorker or The New York Times. On his website you will find more interesting works by the artist, as well as an insight into his various comic works. More: Antoine Maillard...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/atmospheric-illustrations-by-antoine-maillard/

Watercolor Illustrations Depicting Night Streets Of Tokyo By Mateusz Urbanowicz

Mateusz Urbanowicz, also known as Matto, is a Polish artist and illustrator currently based in Tokyo. He originally moved to Japan to study animation and comics and he landed himself a gig at Tokyo-based animation film studio CoMix Wave. His latest project is ‘Tokyo at Night’, a series of 10 watercolors illustrating the backstreets of Tokyo at night. Continue reading ».


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/10/watercolor-illustrations-depicting-night-streets-of-tokyo-by-mateusz-urbanowicz/