Elegant Figures and Faces of Dancers Emerge from Intricately Folded Sheets of Fabric


The latest installation by Benjamin Shine, who studied fashion design at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Central St Martins in London – “The Dance” explores ideas of impermanence and the fleeting moment, which are conveyed through the inherent qualities of delicate tulle material.

The idea of ‘painting with fabric’ led to the development of this technique where the portrait image is created through the intricate pleating and pressing of a single length of tulle fabric. The technique aims to utilize the translucent qualities of the tulle fabric to generate various gradients, tones and textures.

Via My Modern Met, Cross Connect, Designboom

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/elegant-figures-and-faces-of-dancers-emerge-from-intricately-folded-sheets-of-fabric/

Products of The Day #403


We designed a suitcase that incorporate a high capacity (18,000 mAh) wireless charging power bank which is enough to recharge an average phone 8-10 times. In addition to wireless charging, users can use cords from the two traditional USB ports. It’s super convenient to simply rest a phone on top of the suitcase to begin charging. No fumbling for cords or portable battery packs.

A better underwear from a simple change; it’s made of Linen and it keeps you cool. At Maqoo we innovate better fabrics. This is our first product, called Maqoo underwear. It keeps you cool because it’s made of linen. In case you’ve been deprived the joy of owning a linen shirt: linen comes from the flax plant, and it’s a fabric that feels cool to the touch because it has high heat conductivity (think of walking barefoot on cool tiles in the summer – they’re also heat conductive).

To deliver a long lasting experience, we decided to use Grade 5 Titanium that has a high strength to weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance. It’s made to last and in terms of functionality, MyKee incorporates a combination of different design elements to maximize its purpose.

SQUAIR Mobile is the first portable air cleaner that combines HEPA & Carbon filter with state-of-the-art NON THERMAL PLASMA technology! Together with Simon Loasby, the head of design at Volkswagen Group China, we crafted a product that on the one hand cleans the air around you extremely efficient and on the other hand compliments your standard for design and high-end materials.

Enjoy a healthier and cleaner ambience at home with the IonFlow 50 Signature Air Purifier. This purifier comes with a natural amber color and a wooden grain finish which looks highly sophisticated and stylish for the modern homes. The amber decoration light adds an additional warmth to the overall appearance.

This Minimalist Leather Wallet has been designed to fit in your front pocket perfectly. It comes with rounded corners and makes sure to slide in and out of your pocket without any restriction. These wallets are slim and minimal designs which are hand-stitched and comes with two thread colors.

Myfox Security Camera is a high performance home security camera remotely controlled by a smartphone app and is the only camera with a motorized, mechanical shutter to guarantee total privacy. Myfox Security Camera is a real autonomous Security System: Infrared motion sensor that ensures optimal motion detection.

Be it at the poolside or at the beach, keeping your drinks chilled will be easy if you have these Mermaid Milk Can Coolers by SUPERKOLDIE. These can coolers are inspired from the sun and salt kissed mermaids of the sea and are provided with a graphic message. They come in a mint color and are a funtastic approach to make your drinks be super chilled while you head for the beach during summers.

Traveling with your family for a weekend vacation on a truck? This AirBedz Original Truck Bed Air Mattress will prove to be handy for you and your family in that case. These mattresses are available in several sizes which can fit most compact, mid and full sized trucks in long or short bed layouts. There are cutouts on each side of the mattress which will fit around and over the wheel wells in a pickup truck thereby creating a sleep area utilizing the entire truck bed.

Consider them as the finest tent hammocks, jungle hammocks and wilderness hammocks and you won’t be wrong. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammocks are lightweight, weather resistant and flying insect free which makes sure you get to have maximum fun during your outdoor camping trips.

The bbraver handrim’s exclusive ergonomic profile ensures a perfect hold, providing more push force and lasting comfort. This campaign will help bbraver to commercialise a new version of handrim, a synthetic rubber non-slip coating giving more power to the wheelchair users, a longer durability and a great look to the wheelchair.

The Maguss Wand presents a chance for everyone to experience a fantasy game in the real world. In Maguss you do not control your character, you are the character. With the help of the Maguss Wand you can cast powerful spells in arenas of your choice and become the legendary wizard you have always wanted to be.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign For Your Crowdfunding Project?

Although this blog post by Eric Ries is quite old, the message it bears is very crucial for product manufacturers. While we spend a lot of our time in discovering methods to market or launch a product, we often forget to create that buzz from beforehand. Like Steve Jobs did for every single product launch for Apple. Think from the perspective of a common shopper and you’ll know why a pre-launch marketing plan is essential for your product. Read More

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/products-of-the-day-403/

Huge 3D Jelly Bears On Maltese Sidewalk By Leon Keer


The Dutch pop-surrealist artist Leon Keer details the scene, painted last weekend for the Malta Street Art Festival, as a group of gummy bears collecting around their “dead green friend.” From ground level, they look like indefinite blobs, but from the upper street level they seem three-dimensional, prime for slapping and watching the sweet protoplasm jiggle.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/huge-3d-jelly-bears-on-maltese-sidewalk-by-leon-keer/

Amazing Watercolor Paintings Of Superheroes by Blule


Talented Sydney-based French artist Clémentine has made over 300 watercolor paintings, held five private shows and soon she may even write a book. For her paintings, she uses watercolours to highlight really the aesthetics of such characters, like Iron Man and Captain America and others.


SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/amazing-watercolor-paintings-of-superheroes-by-blule/

Alicia Savage’s On Going Series Destinations


Alicia Savage is based in Boston being a self-portrait photographer, though she provides other aspects of photography apart from portraits with her work . “Vintage dresses, uncharted backroads, homesteads of ancestors each reveal a twist in the road and an undiscovered vantage point from which to play.” expresses. Her work has been exhibited in East Coast of US, but also in Paris and Tokyo. The series presented here is called ‘Destinations’ trying to seek anyone’s destination and is still unfolding.

More at EverythingWithATwist

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/alicia-savages-on-going-series-destinations/

Dealjumbo Free Bundle vol.1 – 25 Custom Fonts!


No time for download all these amazing fonts separately? No problem at all. We have this FREE bundle for you with 25 cool customs fonts. Download from Dealjumbo & enjoy ;)

With this deal you get:
– 25 amazing custom fonts
– free for personal & commercial use!

Download this FREE bundle!

Download this FREE bundle!

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/dealjumbo-free-bundle-vol-1-25-custom-fonts/

Products of The Day #402


We make the world’s most beautiful computer personal too. We customised laptops for some of the world’€™s biggest DJ‘€™s, CEO’€™s and, at some point, the King of the Netherlands. As we only use original screens, we always have to make the logo a fraction bigger than the Apple logo. More info

How many times have you had to replace your Lightning cable? If you own an iPhone or iPad, it’s likely you’ve had to replace it, perhaps several times. And how many times have you had to deal with messy, tangled wires when you take out your Lightning cable from your pocket or bag? The HomTime O2 Lightning Cable features protective springs and a convenient Velcro® strap, making it last longer and tangled free.

Tired of bulky phone cases? Time to switch to the minimal side of things with this Ultra Thin Phone Case. It is a beautiful case designed exclusively for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The case will make sure your phone stays protected from scratches and unwanted damage. It is made of leather and plastic case.

Playing Cards made from 100% Kevlar and 100% Carbon Fiber! Made to last a Lifetime! Carbon Fiber Playing Cards are back and have been improved with a protective coating! – The rewards for this project will be printed in White and Red ink on Black 3k Twill Carbon Fiber and Colored Kevlar.

Add some style and function to your daily travel routine by using this Lexdray x TRJR Case. It is a go to accessory for all kinds of daily commuters, be it a musician or a corporate professional. You can use this case to hold your drumsticks (mallets, brushes etc) as well as paperwork, magazine, tablet, laptop (up to 17”) and various other personal items.

Your Hive Active Heating™ 2 comes with the sleek thermostat, receiver and hub. They work together so you can control your heating and hot water remotely. And it’s all covered by a one year warranty. Packed with clever features, the award winning Hive app makes controlling your heating and hot water easy, wherever you are.

Now carry your iPad accessories as well as your iPad Mini in this Blue iPad Mini Folio. It is a slim and lightweight design with one pocket at the front for the accessories. The folio is a one piece construction made of Italian vegetable tanned leather. It has been handstitched with heavy waxed nylon thread.

Get the best working angle by using this Wooden MacBook Stand from Nordic Appeal. It is a marvelous stand that will raise your display and angle your keyboard so that you get to enjoy the best possible working ambience. The stand is also capable of keeping your laptop cooler and protects it in your bag.

You can now add a removable seating solution to your pool in the form of Liquidseat. It is a patented pool seat which will add some extra fun to your outdoor environment. Be it any local swimming pool, you can now have that resort like swim up bar feel with Liquidseat. This pool seat has an internal weighting system which makes it ready to throw in the pool upon arrival. Every seat weighs approximately around 15 lbs.

With Sparrow, all you do is slide in your cool, new 12” MacBook into our badass, new dock. From there, it’ll split into 7 different ports. SPARROW will support your external monitor, your external hard drive, your HDMI enabled device, SD cards, or charge any mobile device much faster than standard USB*.

It’s a known fact – your Lightning Cables break too often but not if you have the CableCast. The CableCast helps protect and prolong the life of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Lightning Cable. With a simple and elegant design, you’ll be able to make use of the CableCast without compromising the function of your Lightning connector.

A smart and responsive robot that brings incredible fun and creativity. Vortex is a revolutionary product for children. It is a smart and responsive robot that kids can play with and program. Using the Vortex and apps, kids can play different games, learn about robotics, and even create their own. Take Vortex out of the box, pair it to smartphones (iOS & Android) via Bluetooth, and it is ready to run.

June Smart Oven Strives for Perfection

The kitchen is a new gadget mecca for one reason: we all have appliances that need updating. Even though my oven is less than five years old, it’s exactly the same as my previous one that was over a decade old. There have many advances in our kitchens from the largest appliance to the smallest tool. June is here to tackle one of the biggest appliances but with the simplest solution. Read More

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/products-of-the-day-402/

Hyperrealistic Tattoos By Italian Artist Paolo Murtas


Currently living and working in the island of Sardinia in Italy, Paolo Murtas has tattooed a beautiful assortment of birds and movie scenes on his clients.

Some of the cinematic examples that Paolo Murtas draws in his tattoos include the slow-mo scene of Marla Singer smoking a cigar in “Fight Club,” Raoul Duke’s crazy-eye look in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (in a crazy ass movie), and pals Buzz and Woody in “Toy Story.”

You can checkout more of his tattoo work below — you can also view the rest of his designs on his page. Without a doubt the artist has a good understanding of light, shade and texture.

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/hyperrealistic-tattoos-by-italian-artist-paolo-murtas/

This Guys Lets His Artist Wife Doodle With Sharpie Pen On His Nissan Skyline GTR


While tuning up his Nissan Skyline GTR sports car, one auto enthusiast, together with his talented and supremely dedicated artist wife, accidentally stumbled upon an amazing way to give their sleek silver vehicle an unforgettable paintjob.

The car enthusiast, who is a member of the U.S. Military, hated the car’s silver color. One evening, he let his wife doodle on a few scratches on the bumper, and when the sun came up and he saw her stunningly intricate and elegant drawings, they knew they had to forge on. While he worked on tuning the insides, she drew on the car.

After roughly 100 hours of work and several clear coats to protect the design, they had an impressively beautiful car that they had tuned up as a team!

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/this-guys-lets-his-artist-wife-doodle-with-sharpie-pen-on-his-nissan-skyline-gtr/

iMac Office Mockup – Free PSD


Free presentation mock-up template from Mats-Peter Forss. Download from Dealjumbo and enjoy ;)

– adobe photoshop *.psd file
– very easy to customize and edit in Adobe Photoshop
– use for personal or professional projects

Download Now!

SOURCE: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/08/imac-office-mockup-free-psd/