35 Perfect Reasons To Love New Yorker Cartoons

If you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook, New Yorker Cartoons is a great follow for a daily chuckle/smirk/snort. The single panel comics are a permanent fixture in the magazine as well as online and despite being around well before the Internet, their format works perfectly in today’s endlessly scrolling feeds. Below you will find 35 of the most loved New Yorker cartoons shared online in the...


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Japanese Illustrator Asteroid: Wandering Through The Ruins Of The Future

Whether they are set in the past or in an imagined future, ruins are a favorite subject of illustrators working in the fantasy and science-fiction genres. Not only can they be very visually appealing, they can provide the backdrop for a potentially rich narrative about a once flourishing world and the reasons for its demise. Japanese illustrator Asteroid (stylized in Japanese as あすてろid) often...


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Russian Blogger Makes Parodies Out Of Celebrity Photos, And More Than 20,000 Followers On Instagram Approve

From time to time, while scrolling our Instagram or Facebook feeds, we come across some pictures of celebrities that just seem… too much. In most cases, we might just laugh it off, share it with our friends and move on, however, this hilarious blogger decided to take it to the next level. Yuriy Isterika is a fascinating character who shares his wholesome parodies on Instagram.


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“To Live For My Death”: The Deadliest, Badass & Nightmare Creatures Of Antonio José Manzanedo

The dark and macabre fantasy paintings of digital artist Antonio José Manzanedo (previously), a concept designer and illustrator based in Spain. More info: Artstation, DeviantArt, Instagram...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/to-live-for-my-death-the-deadliest-badass-nightmare-creatures-of-antonio-jose-manzanedo/

“Forest Of Insomnia”: Surreal And Dreamlike Photo Manipulations Of Louis Kellner

Surreal photo manipulations by Louis Kellner, a gifted self-taught digital artist, and passionate photographer from Germany who currently lives and works in Switzerland. Louis focuses on digital art and photo manipulations. He combines free stocks photos to create a surreal world where everything is possible. More: Instagram h/t:


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This Artist Draws Stupid Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

According to Rémi Lascault: “Since last summer, where I shared with you my comics, I’ve been working a lot! Here are some new comic strips and some updated ones. I’m also happy to tell you that my book will soon be available. Check my Instagram or Facebook for updates! I’m 32 years old and have been drawing comics since I was a kid. About a year ago I started to draw little...


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“Lost My Way”: Post-Apocalyptic Adventures In Melancholic Artworks Of Yun Ling

Yun Ling is a concept artist and illustrator currently based in Montreal, Canada. Yun has created concept art for companies such as EA Shanghai and visual development studio Volta. Currently a concept artist in Ubisoft Montreal. More: Artstation, Instagram...


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Brilliant Cross Stitches

When you think of cross stitch, you probably thing of Bible quotes hanging off the walls at your grandma’s house. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for those of you who want a little more from your embroidery, check out these hilariously brilliant examples. h/t:


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Spies, Nazis, Beautiful Women, Mobs, Daredevil Explorers, Heroes & Traitors In Incredible Adventure Artworks Of Mort Künstler

Mort Künstler is best known today for his vivid paintings of scenes from American history, specifically the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. These works have been featured in books and calendars, and spotlighted in exhibitions around the country. Less known is Künstler’s early work in men’s adventure magazines, a unique genre that populated newsstands from the 1950s through the late ‘70s.


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/02/spies-nazis-beautiful-women-mobs-daredevil-explorers-heroes-traitors-in-incredible-adventure-artworks-of-mort-kunstler/

The Mysterious And Misty Eerieness Of Japanese Horror Illustrator Mozza

Student and illustrator Mozza is a fan of the horror genre with a particular fixation on mist or fog to convey a sense of eerieness, uncanniness, a border space between the world of the living and the world of the dead, or the physical manifestation of a malefic presence. Moreover, this extends to her use of colors and textures to blur boundaries and distinctions between dark and light.


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