“Beyond Heaven And Earth”: The Superb Travel Photography By Sergey Bratishchev

Sergey Bratishchev shoots the amazing landscapes that he shares on his Instagram account with his iPhone X. A beautiful gallery that will catch the eyes of every travel-lovers. More: Instagram...


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Selfie is selfie :) “Arabie saoudite: les premières élections…

Selfie is selfie :)

“Arabie saoudite: les premières élections ouvertes aux femmes ont débuté” via @BFMTV

via http://www.bfmtv.com/international/arabie-saoudite-les-premieres-elections-ouvertes-aux-femmes-ont-debute-936441.html

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(via Yu86 )

(via Yu86 )

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«Une musicienne» (Paris, 2014) Follow me on Instagram…

«Une musicienne» (Paris, 2014)

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