1,2,3…Take Off!

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/dad-son-jumping-spring/

Kid Attacked by Giant Fish

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/kid-attacked-by-giant-fish/

When You Are Having Fun in the Weekend, Then Monday Comes

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/kid-slide-fail/

When You Are The New Kid At The Gym

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/kid-fail-gym/

Cat Prevents Human Kitten From Getting Into Trouble In The Kitchen

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/cat-helps-kid/

Bowling Fail

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/bowling-fail/

When You’re Drunk and You Don’t Give a F**k of What Will Happen

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/girl-scooter/

Me During My Working Week

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/fail-kid-tent/

Me Sliding Through the Week Like

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/kid-sliding/

Incredibly Courageous

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/kid-spider-toy/