THE FRAMES | Shortfilm/// We exist in boundaries everyday : work…

THE FRAMES | Shortfilm

/// We exist in boundaries everyday : work family dreams or time that we have for our lives. Are there any “Frames” and can we go out of them?. ///

Director/Concept | Lado Kvataniya
Starring | Sergei Polunin
Music Composer | Kirill Richter


The video is focused on the stories of two guys who perform some…

The video is focused on the stories of two guys who perform some mystical rituals to go on a date with Death that comes in a body of a young girl.

The whole video is a metaphor about the inability to find peace, necessary understanding and personal fulfilment in real life. The clinical death of both protagonists should not be taken literally. This is a transition, an intended escape which can be compared to a dream or a fairy tale, the world of fantasies where we often build castles in the air but where we can never get into.

Written and Directed by Lado Kvataniya
Director of Photography | Kirill Groshev


Manizha /// MAMAThis is our art-manifesto against domestic…

Manizha /// MAMA

This is our art-manifesto against domestic violence in Russia. It consists of a music video and a mobile app SILSILA. The main feature of this app is a panic button which sends an SOS signal to people whose phone numbers were put into its database beforehand.
We created this project with no support from the government nor any foreign entity. This is only a pure, personal striving to help those in need. The Main goal of this awareness campaign is to restart the discussion about the decision on decriminalisation of domestic violence made in 2017.

Written and Directed by Lado Kvataniya
Director of photography | Andrey Krauzov


Christmas on the Moon“Alice, 12 year-old girl, is homeless and…

Christmas on the Moon

“Alice, 12 year-old girl, is homeless and works as a courier. One day she receives a request  - to deliver a big teddy bear to the boss of a criminal gang. Along the way, unexpectedly, the teddy bear comes alive and becomes Alice’s only friend. She decides to cancel the delivery and keep a teddy bear. What she doesn’t  suspect is that it is stuffed with cocaine and now she is being hunted.”

Directed by Lado Kvataniya


Leningrad /// GOLDWe’ve caught the most dangerous and violent…

Leningrad /// GOLD

We’ve caught the most dangerous and violent murderer. On one side she is a divine beautiful, but once  scents  a luxury, immediately turns into a wild predator. Her victims are rich businessman,  for food she uses gold and diamonds..

Directed by Lado Kvataniya

Cinematography by Andrey Krauzov
Starring | Snezhana Samokhina, Semen Litvinov,
Sergei Dolgotovich, Kadir Saidharun
Producers | Ilya Naishuller, Ekaterina Kononenko, Ruben Adamyan
Executive Producer | Egor Solomatin


DCN Video Pick: Tim Aminov feat. Cédric Gasaïda /// ORPHEUS by…

DCN Video Pick: Tim Aminov feat. Cédric Gasaïda /// ORPHEUS by Lado Kvataniya // Apple Music & iTunes ///Synopsis/// In a world devoid of verbal communication, every man, woman and child emits a constant, unique sound. Those whose sound possesses healing qualities are called Orpheuses. They are hunted down, stripped of their abilities and killed. This is the story of the last living Orpheus. Written and Directed | Lado Kvataniya 
 Director of Photography | Andrei Maica Producers | Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann, Alexander Medvedko, Margo Sayapina
 Co-Producers | Lado Kvataniya, Tim Aminov, Andrei Maica 
Production managers | Dmitry Dimchevskiy, Julia Samoylova, Mikhail Goglov Producers Assistants | Ira Ragozina 
 First Assistant Director | Alexander Eidman
 Production Designers | Margarita Ablaeva, Anna Dominina Costume Designers | Anna Kudevich, Boris Kukolkin
 Location Managers | Vladimir Kravchenko, Denis Iordanov/AcePlace
 Choreography | Irina Glushko
 Make-Up artist | Igor Boyko 
Camera Assistant | Roman Markin Gaffer | Viktor Ronzhin Montage | Anton Mironenkov | Clean Up | Alexander Kurbanov Font | Andrey Olshevskiy VFX | CARBONE CORE | Hype Production | RUSSIA / 2018