Three Stones – KalakmulTHREE STONES — a film about a wanderer…

Three Stones – Kalakmul

THREE STONES — a film about a wanderer who’s perspective is constantly shifting through various phases of lucid dreaming. As the film progresses from the calmness of lush greenery in the Japanese countryside to the electrifying night scenes of Tokyo, the wanderer’s extraordinary yet graceful movement synchronises with the airy atmospheric track and its textures and ethnic rhythms

Production by Strategy Set
Director of Photography: Brandon Strack
Producer: Adrian Grey
Editor: Tom Slemmons
Assistant Editor: Alexis Wuillaume
Production Coordinator: Tatsuya Yamada

Art Direction by Marek Okon

Performance by Maika Isogawa

Music by Kalakmul

Color Grading by Toshiki Kamei

Public Relations by Saya Oshima