DCN Video Pick: The Big Flip by Barry Chapman // This is a…

DCN Video Pick: The Big Flip by Barry Chapman // This is a series of reverse dynamic experiments that I’ve been working on over the past couple of years. The design and art direction is very much inspired by the brilliant photographers/ Artists; George Byrne and Petra Leary. Many thanks to Mario Domingos @mariosundays all for his help with net dynamics. Credits: Animation/ Design: Barry Chapman Music/ sfx: Mt. Wave Studio

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190382974341

DCN Video Pick: “Éramos Seis” Opening Title by Koi…

DCN Video Pick: “Éramos Seis” Opening Title by Koi Factory // Éramos Seis (Globo) Director: Leonardo Fleuri and Luciana Jordão Art Direction: Paulo Visgueiro Executive Producer: Luciana Jordão Producer: Laura Costa 2D Lead: Paulo Visgueiro Concept Art: Artur Rocha, Felipe Coutinho, Paulo Visgueiro and Renato Sideris 3D Lead: Leonardo Fleuri 3D Artists: Flavio Novi, Gabriel Cruz, Guilherme Maia, Gus Schinner, João Victor Ferreira, Paulo Visgueiro and Pedro Jatobá Composition: Gabriel Cruz, Leonardo Fleuri and Luciana Jordão Client: Globo Direção de Criação: Sergio Valente, Mariana Sá Direção Geral: Alexandre Romano Criação e Direção de Arte: Alexandre Romano, Julia Rocha, Roberto Stein Produção Executiva: Orlando Martins Coordenação de Criação: Valerycka Rizzo Logo Design: Julia Rocha Atendimento: Carla Sá, Suzana Prista, Letícia Eboli, Paula Machado Trilha original: Victor Pozas e Rafael Langoni Smith

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190354188051

DCN Video Pick: “I am” Pause Fest 2020 by…

DCN Video Pick: “I am” Pause Fest 2020 by Radugadesign // “I am” project by Radugadesign studio became the part of “Motion response selection” for PAUSE fest 2020. “New Odyssey” is a theme of this year and it starts an adventurous journey into the new decade for which we are required to welcome new values and virtues. In our project we rely on the hypothesis simulation. If the hypothesis is true, in the future we will be able to become “creators” of the virtual world that will turn into “real” for its new inhabitants. Our world may not be the main in the universe but the part of the multiverse, just an experiment of some overdeveloped civilization. We observe that a person’s place is increasingly determined by how the digital space perceives us. The world is gradually entering the era of artificial intelligence, immersed in “neural networks”. We’re learning to create more and more realistic copies of reality. We’re not only knowing ourselves through impulses that we catch, but also this helps us to construct ways of interacting with each other. We pass them on to our surrounding reality. We’re generating and launching new impulses that affect the world around us. Our “New Odyssey’’ is essentially a journey – a journey in search of answers: “What is reality?”, “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” and even “Am I here?”, “Am I?” // Creative director: Ivan Nefedkin Producer: Dina Safina Screenwriter: Anna Kramar Production team: Alexander Abramov, Egor Andrianov, Elen Elkiev, Sergey Voronov, Sergey Nikitin, Slava Rybin, Maksim Grebenschikov, Sergey Gorokhov Models: Ilya Lim, Jancy Bazego, Vasilisa Sokolova, Anya Mikhailova, Anastasiia Tskhai, Alexey Vorobyev Style: Olga Bobrova Style assistant: Lina Bulygo Make up: Alena Trusova Sound: Alexander Zaripov Voices: Allie, Bella, Ellen, Kristine, Michell, Fred, Jimmy, Kelvin, Matt, Nick DOP: Andrey Kashurin Gaffer: Alexander Garan Full project: https://bit.ly/30plsDt

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190345993430

DCN Video Pick: Club Chroma projection mapping- Monument by…

DCN Video Pick: Club Chroma projection mapping- Monument by wootcreative // 2018.8 상화 프로젝션 맵핑 콘텐츠 프로젝트에 우트크리에이티브가 2편의 영상으로 참여했습니다. 풀 버전은 파라다이스 크로마클럽에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. 2편중 MONUMENT영상입니다. 감사합니다. Client - Sanghwa Designed by WOOT Creative. Director - Sungwoo Park Artwork - Sungwoo Park Motion - Sungwoo Park, Jihoon Park , Hyobin Park Sound - 274custom 임정윤 Lim Jung Yoon

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190280976761

DCN Video Pick: Match TV – CLAN by **** // Design: CLAN Music:…

DCN Video Pick: Match TV - CLAN by **** // Design: CLAN Music: Asap Ferg - Floor Seats https://www.instagram.com/clanhub/ http://clan.team CLAN: Anton Shavkero, Alex Gorin, Yuriy Adam, Iliya Korolev, Zinnur Mustafin, Ivan Rys, Dmitry Palagin, Andrey Chaushesku, Alexey Andryushchenko, Alexey Shchipachev, Marianna Shavkero Artists: Yulia Zhukova, Asya Bobrova Creative Director Match TV: Gavr Respect: Albert Urchukov https://www.behance.net/gallery/90376881/Match-TV

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190277271175

DCN Video Pick: Mask Movement Showreel 2020 by Mask Movement //…

DCN Video Pick: Mask Movement Showreel 2020 by Mask Movement // Video showreel with selected projects of Mask Movement creative studio, directed by Histibe. www.maskmovement.com | studio@maskmovement.com All footages in this video are original. It includes a wide range of scenes from our international projects for companies, music labels, and artists. What we do is the result of years upon years of cooperation with prolific artists across different mediums. We love to experiment with eye-catching video and combine it with inspiring sounds. The soundtrack for the video was written by Histibe & Mervin Mathew. We’ve worked with various companies and artists from the music, technology, and software industries, such as Panasonic Lumix, Black Hole Recordings, FL Studio, Loopmasters, Lensbaby, Christian Burns, BT, Kadebostany, Soundiron, and others.

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190244105786

DCN Video Pick: Secret Garden(Full) by Mr Misang //…

DCN Video Pick: Secret Garden(Full) by Mr Misang // [Nasus’ Secret Garden] “Nasus kills ghost of Xerath again and again in his secret garden.” * Moving illustration for Riot Games Korea [INVADE ART}. INVADE ART is exhibit for celebrate 10th anniversary of ‘League of Legend’. 2019.12.20~ 2020.1.19 at LoL park, Seoul.

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190209635198

DCN Video Pick: the other trans-atlantic by superdesigners //…

DCN Video Pick: the other trans-atlantic by superdesigners // Teaser for the exhibition about the kinetic and optical art of the 1950s-1970s from Eastern Europe and Latin America. Motion-designers: Ivan Kovalevsky Angelina Toros Ilya Perevedentsev Valery Lunchuk Sound: Vasily Sumin Designed for Garage museum of contemporary art

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190206115401

DCN Video Pick: SMILE NEON by Medoway // Take a look inside the…

DCN Video Pick: SMILE NEON by Medoway // Take a look inside the intimate work space of a renowned neon artist in Yokohama, Japan. Hidenobu Takahashi gives us insight into his process and his mind state, while he creates a custom neon piece. Dir. Michael Medoway DP: Alejandro A Wilkins Gaffer: Tomoe Umeda 1st AC: Jordan Reyes Location Sound: Edan Mason Camera: Red Dragon / Arri SR3 Lenses: Cooke Panchros (vintage) Special Thanks to the International Cinematographer’s Guild for the Red package and the Kodak 16mm film. Thanks to Sanwa Cine Equipment for the killer Cooke Panchros and the Arri SR3

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190158892183

DCN Video Pick: M X – Ihminen by Sakari Lerkkanen // Starring….

DCN Video Pick: M X - Ihminen by Sakari Lerkkanen // Starring. David Whiting Joe Sowerbutts Martin Razpopov Jake Carter Andrew Shire Airs Beha Rory Keane Sam Shoubber Rafael Edduardo Carrero Paul Campion Stefan Steinmair Michal Forejtek Producers. Lucie Lerkkanen, Stefan Steinmair Director. Sakari Lerkkanen 1st AD. Sam Ainsworth DoP. Daniel Lindholm 1st AC. Oliver Munks 2nd AC. Felix Wildey Gaffer. Joel Rainsley Spark. Ross Brown Trainee. Martino Masi SFX & Armoury. Matt Strange Makeup. Elisa De Micheli Set Design. Emma Tanner Editor. Arttu Salmi Sound Design. Enos Desjardins Grade. Doychin Margoevski @COMPANY3 VFX. Adam Arnot Drummond Conform. Alex Grigoras Runners. Hans Frost, Alex Smith Music. MX Special thank you. Film London, Laura Hypponen, Close-up Cinema, Galina Chakarova, Jon Grey London / 2019

SOURCE: https://motioncollector.com/post/190150332022