DCN Pick: BBC Winter Olympics 2018 by Nexus Studios // A bold…

DCN Pick: BBC Winter Olympics 2018 by Nexus Studios // A bold and exhilarating animated 2D film created by Nexus Studios’ duo Smith & Foulkes in collaboration with Y&R London is at the centre of the BBC’s ‘The Fearless are Here’ campaign that heralds the arrival of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Via the thrilling and abstract journey of a luger, skier, curler, snowboarder, ski jumper and ice skater, the film depicts the psychological and physical obstacles Winter Olympics athletes face in their quest to be the best in the world. From the beginning, the ambition was to focus on the feeling that fear and anxiety induce in top level athletes rather than simply represent it as a physical monster. The creative focus became how to dramatise the negative emotions that must be conquered in order to succeed. This drove the team towards a more shapeshifting, morphing animation style. Smith & Foulkes researched live action filming techniques for action sports in the quest to achieve an authentic sense of movement through a 3D space and a team of artists at Nexus Studios worked to create the entirely 2D spot which was drawn and animated in a virtual environment using emerging VR cinematography software. Working in this way and with a perceivable depth provided the ideal testing ground and enabled the team to experiment at an early stage and consider different camera angles, just as if you were shooting in live action and with the sensibility of having a handheld camera. Agency: Y&R London Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe Creatives: Gavin McGrath Jim Bolton Psembi Kinstan Agency Producer: Kat Maidment Production Company: Nexus Studios Directors: Smith & Foulkes Executive Creative Director: Chris O’Reilly Producer: Tracey Cooper Production Manager: Rebecca Archer Animation Supervisor: Michal Firkowski Art Directors: Alice Duke Shen Yi Design: Callum Strachan David Feliu Jamie Jones Maxime Dupuy Melanie Climent Animation Lead: Bishoy Gendi Animation: Duncan Gist Hozen Britto Ines Scheiber Peter Lowey FX Animation: Frankie Swan Ines Scheiber Clean Up Animation: Christina Nerland Duane Uba Giacomo Autili Judit Boor Compositing Lead: Abel Kohen Compositing: Chris Moran Daniele Baiardini Elliott Kajdan John Taylor Edit: Dave Slade James Alexander Sound Design: Anthony Moore @ Factory Music Production: Native Music Composer: Fred Ashworth

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DCN Pick: KAMA | SAD FACE | 2018 by creallfilm // Kama – the…

DCN Pick: KAMA | SAD FACE | 2018 by creallfilm // Kama - the name of the river in the city of Perm! Artist SAD FACE: Алексей Илькаев Operator: Тимофей Дубровских Edit: Денис Баско Music: Lorn – Acid Rain bcclan101@gmail.com

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DCN Pick: I never promised you a garden by Mélanie Courtinat //…

DCN Pick: I never promised you a garden by Mélanie Courtinat // « I never promised you a garden » is a digital installation using virtual reality. The public is invited to explore a chimeric hanging garden and to interact with it. The experience questions the passivity of some spectators when facing interactive artworks. One needs to engage with the garden to keep it alive and growing. If not, the plants start fading, inevitably leading to the end of the experience.

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DCN Pick: When Objects Dream by ECAL // Do objects sometimes…

DCN Pick: When Objects Dream by ECAL // Do objects sometimes dream about themselves? What if we could enter their dreams? Virtual reality? Connected objects? On the occasion of the Milan International Furniture Fair 2016, from 12th to 17th April at the Spazio Orso 16, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne presents a collection of interactive experiments developed by Bachelor Media and Interaction Design students. Ever since they appeared, we have been worshipping the objects around us while being extremely demanding of them. What if the roles were reversed for once? Instead of asking objects to make us dream, why don’t we consider their own dreams? Premonitory dreams that anticipate a possible future of objects? In this exhibition presented by the Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students of ECAL, a series of objects offers visitors a rather unsettling experience. In order to uncover its subtleties they will have to learn to adjust to the objects on display so as to perceive each piece’s personality. In a certain way, this project as a whole leads us to question the future of familiar objects. How does our relationship to them changes as they become capable of making a statement about their own existence, interact by using onboard sensors and grow increasingly connected to our communication networks? Do I see my toothbrush differently knowing that it records each movement in my mouth and therefore displays a form of consciousness? As part of the experiments developed for this exhibition, the students created two families of objects. The first integrates a virtual reality principle which allows you to literally look inside the objects, to immerse yourself for a time into a parallel reality which objects let you glimpse at. The second is made up of objects whose basic function is augmented or transformed through activity sensors. This is their way of making us reflect on the future of so-called smart or connected objects. The objects on display, whose function is but fiction, tell their own story, encouraging us to see and use them differently. In a playful manner, they lead us to rethink some of our distrust in the face of change and as regards, their future. Press preview Monday 11 April, 4 pm – 6 pm Cocktail Tuesday 12 April, 4.30 pm – 9 pm Opening hours Tuesday –  Sunday, 11 am – 8 pm Spazio Orso 16 Via dell’Orso 16, 20121 Milan www.orso16.com www.ecal.ch

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DCN Pick: Co-nundrum Title Sequence by Tiber Ergür // Co-nundrum…

DCN Pick: Co-nundrum Title Sequence by Tiber Ergür // Co-nundrum is a Self-practice project. Cinema 4D - Octane render - X-particles - AE Design & Animation: Tiber Ergur Music & Sound Design: Jacob Thomas Czech

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DCN Pick: 24 HOURS IN LOS ANGELES - DRONE TIMELAPSE by Beverly Hills Aerials // This video is the result of a 3 month drone journey throughout Los Angeles. We used every waking free moment to scout, plan, and shoot a variation of iconic locations and inspiring architecture. We shot approximately 50 different locations and only selected the absolute best shots. Our focus was on precision, speed, proper time of day, and most importantly, safety. The entire video was filmed with a DJI inspire 2 in Pro Res 422HQ.  This project has taken up approximately 4TB of space on our hard drives. Safety Precautions and Legalities: Every single shot in this video was completed in the safest means possible. This meant shooting at times when there was minimal or no pedestrian traffic. We shot everything in G airspace, or within areas that we have been granted FAA airspace waivers for. We used visual observers, hands-free radio communication, and also monitored proper airspace frequencies for nearby aircraft. We never flew over people, never flew over traffic, never flew over 400ft AGL (or 400ft above buildings), and ceased our flight operations at moments where abiding by FAA drone law would have been challenging. Some locations required multiple trips before the location was safe to shoot at. Soundtrack: This is an original song written and recorded exclusively for this video titled “Lost Panorama” by To Be Decided, a Los Angeles duo comprised of guitarist Charlie Frey and pianist Caleb des Cognets; the song was produced by Josh Landis.   Click link to support the artist ! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-panorama-single/id1229396241?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 All content is copyrighted. Video content may only be embedded using the Vimeo player in its entirety, unaltered with accreditation. No portion of this video may be duplicated, altered, reused and or unaccredited without explicit permission. For more information on licensing or hiring us for aerial cinematography you can visit https://beverlyhillsaerials.com, email mailto:beverlyhillsaerials@gmail.com or call (310)-927-1793. Drone pilot Michael Izquierdo Camera operator Caleb des Cognets.

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DCN Pick: Happy New Year 2018 by Julien Herman //

DCN Pick: Happy New Year 2018 by Julien Herman //

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DCN Pick: ВИСОТА by Vlad Vasylkevych // This video was created…

DCN Pick: ВИСОТА by Vlad Vasylkevych // This video was created in the process of preparing material for the Ukrainian edition - an aesthetic magazine about traveling around Ukraine La Boussole Vol.11. Height. Camera: Vlad Vasylkevych Editing & Color Grading: Vlad Vasylkevych Music: Ólafur Arnalds

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DCN Pick: MTV GLOBAL RE-BRAND 2018 by Builders Club // MTV asked…

DCN Pick: MTV GLOBAL RE-BRAND 2018 by Builders Club // MTV asked us to help them rethinking their visual language on television globally. The overall theme they briefed us with was “Moodswing”. We created animated characters, backgrounds and logos that represent emotions such as love, sadness, trippy, relaxed, happiness, flawless, sexy, cranky, anger, energetic. Those animations can be used in between TV shows and relate to the mood of content that is going on air before and after. What came out is a tool kit that MTV’s regional teams can repurpose for they daily programme. We worked closely with MTV Global Brand Design Studio to put all these pieces of the puzzle together.

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DCN Pick: V&T (Vernunft & Triebe) by planet bennet // -…

DCN Pick: V&T (Vernunft & Triebe) by planet bennet // - an expressionistic digital collage that shows a violent inner fight between the human’s good sense versus its instincts impulses and desires. Graduation project at the Filmakadmie Baden-Württemberg, Motion Design Department 2017 Crew: Director & Producer: Bennet Meyer Performance: Claudia Ortiz Arraiza Director of Photography: David Dincer Art Direction - Lead Animation: Bennet Meyer Animation by Paul Brenner, Iris Schwarz, Tobias Frei Music & Sound Design by Nicolai Krepart Director of Set: Shoko Hara Hair and Make-up: Mahnaz Najib Senior Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, Prof. Manfred Becker, Alexander Hanowski

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