DCN Pick: EDIFICE by Ash Thorp // Edifice is an experimental…

DCN Pick: EDIFICE by Ash Thorp // Edifice is an experimental short film inspired by personal beliefs of who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; it’s a journey from stardust to singularity. This purely cinematic film is intended to stimulate your mind and senses, while provoking further thought about our passage and presence in this world. To optimize your experience of the film, Edifice is best viewed on a full screen, with no surrounding artificial light intrusion, and very ample sound. MORE - ashthorp.com CREDITS An ALT-C Production Cast/Crew: Film by - Ash Thorp Director of Photography - Anthony Scott Burns Score by - Ben Lukas Boysen Starring - Christine Adams Producer - Monica Thorp Houdini Artist - Serjan Burlak Set Construction - Brett Harris Additional Photography - The Joelsons Additional Thanks to: Christoffer Bjerre Xiaolin Zeng Cornelius Dammrich Stacy Burns Raoul Marks Rohan Dalvi David Vardanyan Tim Tadder Shawn McKinney Dahlia Weidmann Jason Encabo Proud Sponsors: Render Blaze Redshift Boris Effects South Coast Glass Inc.

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DCN Pick: Guangzhou Image Triennial by another design //…

DCN Pick: Guangzhou Image Triennial by another design // Guangzhou Image Triennial

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DCN Pick: Florian DKS_Showreel – 2017 by Florian DKS // This is…

DCN Pick: Florian DKS_Showreel - 2017 by Florian DKS // This is my showreel, most projects are personal (non-commercial). Music: Igorrr / Ruby My Dear - Alain

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DCN Pick: Poor Cherries by jimmy marble // directed by jimmy…

DCN Pick: Poor Cherries by jimmy marble // directed by jimmy marble written by jimmy marble and forrest perrine produced by vacation theory and mmmiracle, inc sage price, anabella casanova, and jesse marble starring katerina tannenbaum and nika de carlo dp drew bienenman production design sean genrich styilng shirley kurata hmu stephanie nicole smith edited by kenneth casey swoyer titles by ashley meaders color by color collective classical songs by mark yaeger reggae songs by jeffrey brodsky www.jimmymarble.com

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DCN Pick: ཡ་ཆེན་སྒར་ Yarchen Gar by Filippo Chiesa // Yarchen…

DCN Pick: ཡ་ཆེན་སྒར་ Yarchen Gar by Filippo Chiesa // Yarchen Gar, officially known as the Yaqên Orgyän Temple, lies in an isolated valley 4000 m above sea level in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Due to the remoteness of the institute and the bad condition of roads leading there, Yarchen Gar sees very few tourists. Officials often prevent foreigners from entering the institute or staying there overnight. It is reported to have 10 000 monks and nuns (most of the inhabitants are nuns), making it possibly the largest monastery in the world. These images are rare and they will be part of a larger project. In loving memory of my dad, Paolo Chiesa died suddenly on October 2016, when I was in Yarchen Gar.

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DCN Pick: Doritos / Pepsi by nabil elderkin //

DCN Pick: Doritos / Pepsi by nabil elderkin //

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DCN Pick: VIRTUAL U – OSO LEONE (video lyric) – MARÍA SOSA…


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DCN Pick: VIRTUAL U – OSO LEONE (video lyric) – MARÍA SOSA…


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DCN Pick: ISLANDER (Kai Schumacher – A New Error) by Derek…

DCN Pick: ISLANDER (Kai Schumacher - A New Error) by Derek Pedrós // Being an islander is more than a sense of belonging. It is a mark that lives and accompanies you all your life, wherever you go or live. It is feeling complete in a place where others feel isolated. Free, where others feel limited. It is sometimes feeling the enormous need to flee, and always the brutal need to return. This dancefilm is about what we share who have grown up with the rumor of the waves marking incessant pulse. About those of us who have grown up in a place where we have the opportunity to meet who we really are. Official video of Kai Schumacher - A new error https://kaischumacher.com Dancer: Chey Jurado https://www.facebook.com/Chey-Jurado-239896346176155 https://www.instagram.com/cheyjurado camera assistant - Omar Caballero (https://papayanaranja.com) production assistant - Carlos Pedrós Shot in the island of Tenerife in November of 2017 Special thanks to: Fernando Gonzales Willy Barleycorn Teatro Victoria www.neue-meister-music.com https://NM.lnk.to/beauty_in_simplicityVi Camera: Canon 5D Mk II RAW mode with Magic Lantern, URSA MINI 4.6 and DJI Phantom 4 Lenses: Samyang 35mm 1.4, Carl Zeiss 35 mm Edited in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition and Davinci Resolve Sound Effects: freesound.org www.derekpedros.com

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DCN Pick: ВОСПРЕЩЕНИЕ-ПРОСВЕЩЕНИЕ by Vladimir Abikh // Неотъемлемой частью стрит-арта является момент запрещенности. К одним и тем же работам зритель может относиться диаметрально противоположено в зависимости от контекста. Художественная уличная активность как правило ассоциируется с вандализмом, но через признание музейного сообщества или же ценник в аукционном доме произведение приобретает статус искусства. На примере того же Бэнкси мы видим, что первоначально нелегальные работы извлекаются с улицы и музефицируются. За их порчу даже предусмотрена уголовная ответственность. Возникает забавная ситуация, продукт нарушения общественного порядка теперь защищается законом. В работе «ВОСПРЕЩЕНИЕ-ПРОСВЕЩЕНИЕ» одни и те же вырезанные буквы существует в двух местах единовременно, они читаются как на улице, откуда их изъяли, так и на территории музея стрит-арта, куда они перенесены, но при этом образуют совершенно разные смыслы. Работа репрезентирует смену статуса нелегального стрит-арта при переходе в музейное пространство, побуждающему зрителя относиться к произведению как к своеобразному акту просвещения, который судя по всему и происходит через запрет, через своеобразную «прорезь» устоявшегося порядка. An integral part of street art is the moment of forbiddenness. The viewer can see the same works diametrically opposed depending on the context. Street art activity is usually associated with vandalism, but through the recognition of the museum community or the price in the auction house the work gets the status of art. Even on the example of Banksy, we see that initially illegal works are taken from the street and come to museums. For their damage there’s even a criminal liability. So isn’t it funny that the product of violation of public order is protected by law now. In the work of “ENLIGHTENMENT-PROHIBITION” the same cut letters exist in two places at a time, they are read both on the street, where they were taken, and on the territory of the museum of street art, where they are transferred, but they form completely different meanings. The work represents a change in the status of illegal street art when been taken to the museum space, encouraging the viewer to treat the work as a kind of an act of enlightenment. Which happens from all appearances through interdiction, through a kind of a “cut” of the established order.

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