DCN Video Pick: LOST BOY VFX Breakdown by PostPanic //

DCN Video Pick: LOST BOY VFX Breakdown by PostPanic //

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DCN Video Pick: Molecularis by Zumbakamera //

DCN Video Pick: Molecularis by Zumbakamera //

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DCN Video Pick: Lemaitre – Machine by IDAP // Director: Julian…

DCN Video Pick: Lemaitre - Machine by IDAP // Director: Julian Alexander Co-director og Choreography: Quickstyle DoP: Vi Duc Truong Editor / VFX / Grade : Jens Peder Hertzberg / Go Electra Producer: Daniel Kragset /Fjernfilm 1st AD: Lars Erik Thoralfsson 2nd AD: Joachim Jørgensen Focus puller: Øyvind Wilthil 1st AC: Sebastian Louis Storakeren Gaffer: Daniel C. Vaz Best boy: Lasse Heggen Grip: Simen Moe Mæhlum Grip: Terje Røkke Hair og makeup: Hibo Musa Styling: Karen Elieson Illustrator: Julie Aida Graf Costume: Elnaz Gargari Costume: Mahtab Gargari Costume: Gloria Aùma 3D-artist and FX : Mathias Grøteig Robot Mask decor : Terje Vestervik Stills: Tobias Myklebust Fjeldheim Dancers: Brage Aarflot Oskar Vigren Emilie Marie Karlsen Maren Grønstad Josephine Gracia Slaaen Ida Marina Gilboe Ella Skorgan Martha Søhr Vivian Pakkanen Thanks to Storyline Studios, Bob Aas Carho, MovieBird Norway, 3DPrint

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DCN Video Pick: Imploding Stars – Demise by Diogo Louro // The…

DCN Video Pick: Imploding Stars - Demise by Diogo Louro // The 7th act on an album dedicated to the circle of life - “Demise”, from “Riverine” by Imploding Stars. With: Teresa Arcanjo Afonso Santos Catarina Costa VFX, Written and Directed - Diogo Louro Production - Elio Mateus, Diogo Louro Assisting Production - Catatina Costa, Rafael Lemos Makeup - Manela Moreira Sign Language Counseling - Ana Bela Baltazar A Cosmic Burger act, with support from: Gen Design Studio Favo Studio Hands to Discover Rana Studio Thanks: Carolina Castro Mário Gomes Pedro Pereira Darkside Eyewear Samuel Silva

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DCN Video Pick: SPRENDIMAS / GAME CHANGER by AURA Dance Theatre…

DCN Video Pick: SPRENDIMAS / GAME CHANGER by AURA Dance Theatre by Aura Dance Theater // Choreography: Birutė Letukaitė Costumes and idea: Guda Koster (Netherlands) Music: Antanas Jasenka Voice: Ilja Gun Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas, Monika Šerstobojevaitė Dancers: Blake Seidel (USA), Chiara Corbetta (Italy), Clara Giambino (France), Erik Zarcone (Italy), Evgenii Kalachev (Russia), Jasper Narvaez (Philipins), Julija Mintautė (Lithuania), Matthew Livingston (USA), Marine Fernandez (France), Mei Chen (China) Premiere: January 26th, 2018, Kaunas Duration: 60 min. People are changing. They have enough power and will not only to rewrite their own biographies, falsify them or try to live the life of the other, but sometimes to get rid of fear and become human beings for themselves and the others. Especially people change when something unexpected happens. They can be overwhelmed with illness, fear, love, death. Freedom also shocks. Especially when it comes without long overtures – just suddenly. /Leonidas Donskis/ Production is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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DCN Video Pick: A Million Times at Changi by Humans since 1982…

DCN Video Pick: A Million Times at Changi by Humans since 1982 by Humans since 1982 // A Million Times at Changi is both a kinetic sculpture and functioning clock created by Stockholm-based artists´ collective Humans since 1982. With a ‘clock face’ made up of 504 smaller clocks and a width of 7.5m, the entire ‘clock face’ is wider than that of London’s Big Ben (7m). Each of the 1008 clock-hands (504-minute hands and 504-hour hands) are fitted with individual motors, giving the kinetic sculpture the ability to show various patterns, as well as the time and greetings in various languages across different times of the day. The artwork has been commissioned by Changi Airport Group and can now be seen in Terminal 2 at the entrance of the departure hall. “Metaphorically speaking, we liberated the clock from its sole function of measuring and reporting the time by taking the clock hands out of their ‘administrative’ roles and turning them into dancers.” –Humans since 1982 FACTS LOCATION: Changi Airport, Singapore, Terminal 2, Departure Hall DEVELOPMENT TIME: 4 years LAUNCH DATE: January 3. 2018 DIMENSION: 7.5 x 3.4 m WEIGHT: 1000 kg MATERIAL: Corian, steel, aluminium, electrical components, stepper motors, customised software, projector, speaker AMOUNT OF CLOCKS: 504 AMOUNT OF MOTORS: 1008 VIDEO SOUND: Sebastian Oliwa

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DCN Video Pick: NIKE SB X BCN – Sergi Castellà by…

DCN Video Pick: NIKE SB X BCN - Sergi Castellà by kingsandqueens.tv //

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DCN Video Pick: Self & Other, 2016 – Performance at PACE…

DCN Video Pick: Self & Other, 2016 - Performance at PACE Gallery, NY by Random International // Within the glass, the onlooker finds their full-length and three-dimensional reflection reflected in points of light. As they move, so the ethereal light figure follows. The structure is made up of individual, evenly-spaced layers of glass, each one embedded with minuscule, individual light sources. A human presence causes these disparate elements to unite in the creation of the reflected image. The figure that appears within the glass is both other and familiar, reduced in information but retaining the indefinable details that distinguish recognisability. To others, viewing the structure in the round from different angles, the configuration of lights may appear abstract, distorted from the lights bouncing off the glass.

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DCN Video Pick: City Rats fragment by Tarik Barri // Fragment…

DCN Video Pick: City Rats fragment by Tarik Barri // Fragment from City Rats: a surround AV installation created with Thom Yorke for the ISM Hexadome; a structure with 54 speakers and 6 screens surrounding the audience. Saturday 21st of april it can be seen and heard at 18:30 in the Hexadome in the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, All sounds are visible as objects in 3D space, and the camera’s position determines what we hear and where we hear it, so all harmonies, voices, melodies and rhythms are the result of our flight through space. https://www.berlin-ism.com

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DCN Video Pick: Everest – A Time Lapse Film – II by Elia Saikaly…

DCN Video Pick: Everest - A Time Lapse Film - II by Elia Saikaly // Experience the beauty of Mt. Everest at night in time-lapse. While most climbers slept, I attempted to capture some of the magic that the Himalayan skies have to offer while climbing to the top of the world. An in depth look behind the scenes: https://eliasaikaly.com/everest-a-time-lapse-film-ii-how-i-did-it/ For more inspiring imagery visit www.eliasaikaly.com Instagram: instagram.com/eliasaikaly Contact: elia@eliasaikaly.com *all footage available for licensing* *All time-lapses available in 5+K resolution* Some technical breakdowns of this short time lapse film: •108 total time-lapses and set ups over two years in the Himalayas •44,069 still images created •Edited down to 26 shots, 1,896 stills or 2 mins and 18 seconds pending how you do the math That means 82 shots or 42,173 stills are on the cutting room floor! These time lapse Images were captured as high as 6200m (camp 2) above sea level on Mt. Everest. We slept at 6000m for three consecutive nights on the summit of Mt. Lobuche East waiting for a glimpse of Everest from that vantage point. Around 11pm on the 2nd night, the skies opened up and the top of the world revealed herself in all of her glory. No where else on the planet have I ever seen the Milky Way so clear, so vivid and so very much alive. It takes a great deal of discipline to stay up all night capturing the magic for the world to experience. Cameras freeze.Shutters freeze. Batteries freeze. Humans freeze. The high altitude environment is debilitating at best. Your body is taking a constant beating by the low levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. The higher you climb of course, the worse this becomes. And yet… this is heaven on Earth for me. This is my comfort zone. This is where I feel alive. This is where the combination of my love for imagery, astrophotography, storytelling and connection with the mountains all intersect. I toss logic out the window on clear nights and run all of my cameras until all batteries are exhausted, CF cards are filled and the sun re-emerges for yet another beautiful day. It’s my oxygen. It fuels me. Energizes me. And keeps me in a flow state. My tribute to Everest - In Time Lapse. Enjoy! Shot on Canada DSLR’s 1DC 2x 5D Mark 3’s Canon 5Dsr 24mm 1.4 16mm 2.8 x2 11-24mm f4 70-200mm 2.8 14mm 2.8 *Special thanks to Canon Canada for lending me some of the gear. Edited in Lightroom Processed with LR Time-lapse Edited in Premiere All processing done in a tent on Mt. Everest at basecamp Music: The Time To Run Dexter Britain Licensed through: Music Bed Extra special thank you to my friend and camera assistant Pasang Kaji Sherpa. This is a reflection of your hard work and support as well. Thank you my friend. Thank you for your patience and never-ending support on the hill. To license this video or individual images contact elia@eliasaikaly.com Find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/elia.saikaly.adventurer

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