DCN Video Pick: STYX by FLOZ // The film is a sensual and…

DCN Video Pick: STYX by FLOZ // The film is a sensual and minimalist representation of the Styx, the mythological hell’s river. A metaphor about how we embrace our demons and how ideas, social contexts or states of mind can stick us into immobility. Being trapped in a condition infiltrate our subconscious, which constrain us to step forward. The river still flows in each of us and the battle to free ourself from this struggling, will never end. Model : Elie Kouka Make-up : Vanessa Bellini Image : Amine Berrada/Etienne Larragueta Directed by FLOZ Music : Darkside - Metatron

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DCN Video Pick: A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN by Loïc Foulon // Actors :…

DCN Video Pick: A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN by Loïc Foulon // Actors : Nicolas Cominardi / Violette Conti / Louis Carlos Voice-over : Amélie Maillot Director : Loïc Foulon Cinematographer and colorist : Jean Combier Music and sound design : Alexandre Thimon Light technicians : Johanny Meunier / Bryan Vigier Set decorator : Emma Perret Make up artists : Violette Conti / Béatrice Le Gal Block 8 Production www.block8production.com

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DCN Video Pick: FITC Toronto 2018 Titles (sans speaker names) by…

DCN Video Pick: FITC Toronto 2018 Titles (sans speaker names) by Joshua Davis // The title sequence for FITC Toronto 2018 is built on the theme of Transform. It aims to morph the spatial perception of its viewers as it takes them through a constantly shifting, never-ending journey into a series of patterns, landscapes, and environments that exist between two and three dimensional space. In each world, 2D and 3D programmatic processes are combined to create rich, organic animations and sprawling graphic forms. Directed by: Joshua Davis & Saad Moosajee Animated by: Saad Moosajee Technical Director: James Bartolozzi Programming: Joshua Davis, James Bartolozzi Supporting Animation: Enle Li Sound: Kurt Uenala / Null + Void / Song : Into the Void / Album : https://hfnmusic.lnk.to/Cryosleep

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DCN Video Pick: J&J2018 by MRfrukta // Сredits Brand:…

DCN Video Pick: J&J2018 by MRfrukta // Сredits Brand: Johnson & Johnson Agency: Illuminarium 3000 Producer: Yura Pelin Design/Motion: Alex Frukta Audio/Soundesign: Finalsketch, Vasily Filatov  https://www.behance.net/MRfrukta https://www.facebook.com/mrfrukta https://www.instagram.com/mrfrukta mrfrukta@gmail.com

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DCN Video Pick: Nike ~ Air Max Day ‘18 by ManvsMachine //…

DCN Video Pick: Nike ~ Air Max Day ‘18 by ManvsMachine // Turning Imagination Into Reality. For the 4th year running we teamed up with our friends over at Nike Sportswear to craft their global campaign for Air Max Day. This year’s approach takes cues from modern editorial design and hosts an extensive number of assets — from live action, 3D, typographical design, right the way through to cel animation. See full project here: mvsm.com/project/air-max-day-18 CREDITS — Client: Nike Brand Design Agency: ManvsMachine Director: ManvsMachine Design & VFX: ManvsMachine DOP: Kaname Onoyama Art Department: Stripeland Colorist: Joseph Bicknell @ Cheat VHS Footage: Youth Hymns Photographic GIFs: Kate Bones Music: Resonate Sound Design: Resonate Additional archival imagery supplied by Nike, Inc.

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DCN Video Pick: Vladislav Doronin on the Capital Hill Residence…

DCN Video Pick: Vladislav Doronin on the Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid Architects // “I asked Zaha to build my private residence outside Moscow. I told her ‘I want to wake up in the morning and just see blue sky.’ She said, ‘you realise you have to be above the trees?’” Vladislav Doronin of OKO Group discusses the Capital Hill Residence with the Financial Times “It has Zaha’s signature features of organic intricacy, complexity, of spatial arrangements, a lot of surprises, a lot of craftiness and beauty in the honing of the shape and forms. But even more than that, it is, in the words of both architect and client, a ‘dream house’ — as much fantasy as reality, an idea of architecture that still seems somehow impossible.” Film courtesy of OKO Group Financial Times - How Zaha Hadid’s spaceship house landed in a Russian forest https://propertylistings.ft.com/propertynews/russia/5320-how-zaha-hadid-s-spaceship-house-landed-in-a-russian-forest.html

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DCN Video Pick: Tim Aminov feat. Cédric Gasaïda /// ORPHEUS by…

DCN Video Pick: Tim Aminov feat. Cédric Gasaïda /// ORPHEUS by Lado Kvataniya // Apple Music & iTunes https://apple.co/2I3tI1q ///Synopsis/// In a world devoid of verbal communication, every man, woman and child emits a constant, unique sound. Those whose sound possesses healing qualities are called Orpheuses. They are hunted down, stripped of their abilities and killed. This is the story of the last living Orpheus. Written and Directed | Lado Kvataniya 
 Director of Photography | Andrei Maica Producers | Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann, Alexander Medvedko, Margo Sayapina
 Co-Producers | Lado Kvataniya, Tim Aminov, Andrei Maica 
Production managers | Dmitry Dimchevskiy, Julia Samoylova, Mikhail Goglov Producers Assistants | Ira Ragozina 
 First Assistant Director | Alexander Eidman
 Production Designers | Margarita Ablaeva, Anna Dominina Costume Designers | Anna Kudevich, Boris Kukolkin
 Location Managers | Vladimir Kravchenko, Denis Iordanov/AcePlace
 Choreography | Irina Glushko
 Make-Up artist | Igor Boyko 
Camera Assistant | Roman Markin Gaffer | Viktor Ronzhin Montage | Anton Mironenkov | http://antonmironenkov.com Clean Up | Alexander Kurbanov Font | Andrey Olshevskiy VFX | CARBONE CORE | http://carboncore.ru Hype Production | RUSSIA / 2018

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DCN Video Pick: Hidden Layer by FIELD // How does it feel to be…

DCN Video Pick: Hidden Layer by FIELD // How does it feel to be an augmented human? – Questions of identity in a future of synthetic realities. Hidden Layer by FIELD Experimental Short Film, 02:54min, UK 2018 https://www.field.io/project/second-nature-hidden-layer

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DCN Video Pick: Filling the memory voids by Danil Rusanov //…

DCN Video Pick: Filling the memory voids by Danil Rusanov // Perception is one’s personal opinion. Any image invites the audience to ponder, offering at least several ways of perception. The image is forming an idea using sensitive and logical tools. The idea is being formed when a spectator gives the image a permit to do this. An image is always spots, dots and lines. A spectator builds up the inner nexus and images while just seeing the spots paly on the screen. The brain transforms flat form into something having a volume, parts are merged into the whole. The question is what a spectator sees – a genuine true image or the personal perception of it, formed on a basis of one’s experience and the knowledge of the world. What if it will contain the minimum specification, if it’s gonna be a digital noise, a random combination of 0 and 1? What if the absence of information is a message itself? A sign for one’s brain to think up, to invent the necessary information. The lack of information inside of a given context is a self-sustained image, giving an impulse to a further chain of thoughts. I invite a spectator to dive inside of himself, when he lets the screen be almost blank and sets his imagination free. All the logical thinking is off and the opportunity to observe is on. Восприятие субъективно. Любое изображение приглашает зрителя к осмыслению, предлагая ему несколько уровней восприятия. Подключая чувственный и логические уровни, изображение формирует мысль. Формирует тогда, когда зритель позволяет изображению это делать. Изображение это всегда пятна, точки, линии. Зритель достраивает внутренние связи и образы, наблюдая всего лишь игру пятен на экране. Плоское мозг трансформирует в объемное, части формируют целостное. Вопрос состоит в том, что видит зритель – изображение в его истинном свете или внутренний образ, который формируется на основе опыта и знаний о мире. Что если оно будет содержать минимум деталей, что если изображение будет лишь цифровым шумом, практически случайным набором нулей и единиц? Что если отсутствие информации станет месседжем самим по себе? Знаком, который будет сигналом для мозга дорисовать то, что ему нужно. Отсутствие чего-либо, в окружении заданного контекста есть само по себе образ, который создает череду мыслей. Я приглашаю зрителя испытать опыт погружения в себя, когда мы позволяем экрану быть практически пустым и отпускаем свое воображение. Отключив весь логический аппарат осмысления и дав себе возможность просто наблюдать. https://www.behance.net/rusanov

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