DCN Pick: THE AUDITION by celia rowlson-hall // for every ACTOR…

DCN Pick: THE AUDITION by celia rowlson-hall // for every ACTOR DANCER PERFORMER MODEL MUSICIAN out there. www.celiarowlsonhall.com

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DCN Pick: Speed Riding at night in Chamonix – MOONLINE by Red…

DCN Pick: Speed Riding at night in Chamonix – MOONLINE by Red Bull // When night falls in the mountains, Speed Rider Valentin Delluc wakes up. With 20m of LED lights under his wing, and a full moon to brighten up the Bossons glacier in Chamonix, France, Delluc sets out on an intense and poetic ride down the highline of the glacier.

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DCN Pick: ‘Fighter’ – Short Film by Bugsy Steel //…

DCN Pick: ‘Fighter’ - Short Film by Bugsy Steel // http://www.bugsyriverbanksteel.com Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with Downs Syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring. The story unfolds backstage in the immediate moments leading up to the fight. Fighter finds himself torn between his over-bearing trainer, a sister who hates seeing him get hurt and a boxing committee unsure whether to sanction him to fight at all. Both an exploration of amateur boxing and freedom of choice, Fighter is a tense, visceral human drama about one persons’s fight to follow his dreams. Director: Bugsy Steel Writer: Guy Bolton Producer: Tina Pawlik DOP: Jann Doeppert Editor: Brendan Jenkinson Colorist: James Bamford Composer: Shervin Shaeri Sound Design: Chris Whiteside Fighter: Tommy Jessop (The Dammed United) Pop: Simon Kunz (The Last Kingdom) Joel: Robbie O'Neill (Little Boy Blue) Chrissie: Laura Morgan (The Hollow Crown) Len: Delroy Atkinson (Pirates of The Caribbean) ACCOLADES: Only having just been premiered at the BFI London Film Festival. Fighter has already picked up three awards and been screened at: Official Selection / BFI London Film Festival Official Selection / Berlin Shorts Official Selection / Cinequest Film Festival Official Selection / Lift-Off London Film Festival Winner / Lift-Off Season Awards REVIEWS: UK Film Review: “Intense and markedly compelling, short film Fighter”. Comicfade: “‘Fighter’ is a visceral, beautiful, and moving experience”. David Reviews: “‘Fighter’ promises something different in the sweat-stained boxing genre.”

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DCN Pick: Adidas // Wood Wood // ULTRABOOST by Anders Malmberg…

DCN Pick: Adidas // Wood Wood // ULTRABOOST by Anders Malmberg // Client / Wood Wood / Adidas Project / Ultraboost - - - Director : Anders Malmberg DOP : Borja Lopez Diaz Production : New Land

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DCN Pick: My Art – Official Trailer by Mongrel media //

DCN Pick: My Art – Official Trailer by Mongrel media //

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DCN Pick: Opaque | YIN YANG by Swaje Co // A film for SWAJE…

DCN Pick: Opaque | YIN YANG by Swaje Co // A film for SWAJE Directed, shot & edited by Nicolette Daskalakis Featuring Ozgecan Tapa and Imani Quinn Choreography by Imani Quinn Music by Tom Griffey

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DCN Pick: Breathe // An 8K storm time-lapse film by Mike…

DCN Pick: Breathe // An 8K storm time-lapse film by Mike Olbinski // Blu-Ray discs available here: http://mikeolbinski.com/shop/ Follow me: http://twitter.com/mikeolbinski / http://facebook.com/mikeolbinskiphotography / http://instagram.com/mikeolbinski Music: Breathe by Ex Makina licensed through the Music Bed: https://www.musicbed.com/artists/ex-makina/43678 ——- The moment I heard the opening thump of bass…I knew I would be using this song for my film. But then those haunting vocals hit my ears…and blew my mind. It was like a punch deep in my soul. It’s hard to explain that feeling when you first hear a song and you immediately fall in love with it. Almost like you’ve known it all along. I hadn’t even planned to start working on this film yet, but I was so inspired that I furiously began to lay down time-lapse clips. I couldn’t stop pouring over it. It was last September and I was supposed to be working on Monsoon IV, but I forgot all about it once I heard Ex Makina’s “Breathe." It almost felt like it was made for a black and white storm film. About halfway through editing, I knew the song title would be my film title as well. It was so perfect I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes for me…when I’m chasing or watching an amazing storm…I’ll realize I haven’t taken a breath in awhile. Never really thought of it until I heard this song. I love being inspired by other artists. I love soundtracks. I can’t imagine the movie Interstellar without that powerful pipe organ soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. Music is so important to what I do and I’m so incredibly thankful to husband/wife duo Iain and Rebecca Campbell for writing this amazing song. Thanks to the MusicBed as well for having such fantastic musicians and artists. In early 2017, I put together a film called Pulse that was my first ever black and white time-lapse movie. It was so different and fun, I wanted to do a follow-up this year before the next chase season begins. Breathe is made up solely of storm clips from 2017…either from the spring across the central plains or from the monsoon here in the southwest. Some are favorites, some are just ones I knew would be amazing in monochrome and others I used because they fit the music so well.  I also went with a wider aspect ratio on these films to give it more of a cinematic feel. This is also the first film I’ve ever done in full 8K resolution. I’m super excited about that. You may not be able to watch it in that resolution, but it’s there if you can. Otherwise, 4K is a must if you can! I truly hope you enjoy this. For me, I needed something to pass the time and bridge the next few months as I wait for supercells to return to the plains. But honestly, I truly love putting these together. Thanks for all your support in the past and feel free to share! Technical Details: I used two Canon 5DSR’s along with a Canon 11-24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 135mm and Sigma Art 50mm. Manfrotto tripods. The final product was edited in Lightroom with LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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DCN Pick: Paralys by Is This It // A short horror film…

DCN Pick: Paralys by Is This It // A short horror film visualizing the experience of a sleep paralysis. Directed by John Boisen & Björn Fävremark With Sofia Westberg, Maria Milovac, Rickard Sjöberg IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt6132088/ Film portfolio: vimeopro.com/isthisit/films Produced by Judith Katzeff DOP Hans Johansson Gaffer Luisa Fanciullacci FAD Philip Esse Make-up Sofia Bothén Wilks Special effects make-up Anders Muammar Costume designer Pernilla Sandström Visual effects Jonas Gramming / Tussilago Concept art Oscar Bodin Casting Madeleine Edling Sound mix Auditory Soundtrack by Abdulla Rashim Part of The Swedish Film Institute’s “It’s Alive” A co-production with Film Väst www.isthisit.se © Is This It AB 2016-2017

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DCN Pick: Charisma® Manifesto by smartheart // My brand story…

DCN Pick: Charisma® Manifesto by smartheart // My brand story starts from the beginning. I’m energy. I’m passion. I’m life. My character manifests in all. You cannot ignore it… I’ll drive you mad. You won’t sleep. You won’t forget. You won’t be able to live without me. I’m your driver for change. I’m invaluable. I create values. I feel sensitively and think beyond logic. I’m moving fast and steadily. I talk like ——— Buddha Мy tone of voice is concise, expressive, exciting, relevant My mission is to unleash your potential and extend the borders of your perception… My visual identity expressed through a dot, line, surface and space… I create a new dimension… I contain the whole color spectrum. I can be black, I can be red, I can be tender blue… I sound like the roaring of wind, like a birdsong, like a thunderblast. I summarize all… I’m taking you by the hand and lead through the 360 experience. I’m everything you need. My name is Сharisma. What’s yours? *** SH® SmartHeart Charismatic Brands — Team: Yuriy Narvin — Creative & Art director Anna Antonova — Copywriter Alex Frukta — Motion Design Vasily Filatov — Sound Design Kamila Nafikova — Project Manager Graphic based on SmartHeart® agency porfolio. http://sh.agency

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DCN Pick: Explore by Andres Rossi // A Visual Essay by Andres…

DCN Pick: Explore by Andres Rossi // A Visual Essay by Andres Rossi Exploration seems to be a human compulsion, so I wanted to tell a little story in the form of a visual essay, with a few images that can each convey an emotion related to Explore, showing a progression, going from Footsteps on a trail, climbing, looking at the skies, travellling through the void of space and in the end turning to meditation, completing a full circle. Credits Concept Design and animation: Andres Rossi Music & SFX: Duomoro - https://www.duomoro.com/ A visual essay for @mographmentor

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