Extreme Chase

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/extreme-chase/

Extreme Swing

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/woman-swing/

Bowling Fail

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/bowling-fail/

Double Gun Disarm

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/double-gun-disarm/

When It’s Your Lucky Day

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/lucky-guy/

When You’re Drunk and You Don’t Give a F**k of What Will Happen

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/girl-scooter/

When You’re Drunk, But You Recover Quickly

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/drunk-guy/

Me During My Working Week

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/fail-kid-tent/

Barista, You Are Doing It Right

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/bear-cappuccino/

Sometimes The Force Just Isn’t With You

SOURCE: https://gifsboom.net/darth-vader-hoverboard/