‘Ello John. Got A New Motor – Retro Porsche Posters

No, well then check out this bunch of ads for Porsche. You know we love our advertising here, there’s no artwork that sums up a time more than advertising. It is very representative, because it’s trying to appeal to the masses of that time, and tries to tap into what the general vibe is… i.e if it’s the summer of love, then expect some flowery shit… The artwork of advertising is simply...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/01/ello-john-got-a-new-motor-retro-porsche-posters/

Belarusian Designer Transforms Old Soviet Budget “Zaporozhets” Car Into Porsche Boxter

Couple day ago we had this, but we had only three pics. Now we got some other photos And description of the car – how some man has built a sport car from a low budget Soviet car. This was called a Zaporozhets – very budget Soviet car. During some Soviet times there was an urban myth that those cars were made by Porsche – like design was ordered there by the Soviet factory. More: Shif Custom h/t:


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/12/belarusian-designer-transforms-old-soviet-budget-zaporozhets-car-into-porsche-boxter/