Russian Stylist Gives 35 People Extreme Makeovers And You’ll Hardly Believe They’re The Same People

Lidia, 43, Accountant Konstantin Bogomolov is a Russian image designer, fashion analyst, and the headmaster of the International Education Centre “Bogomolov’ Image School”, operating in Riga, Latvia. The designer, along with his students, has been giving people amazing makeovers since 1999 and once you see the after pics, you’ll have a hard time believing you’re looking at the same person.



Cool Pics That Defined Big Hairstyles Of Women In The 1980s

1980s was a decade that defined diverse hairstyles, included the mullet, tall mohawk hairstyles, jheri curls, flattops, and hi-top fades, which became popular styles. Amongst women, large hair-dos also typified the decade. Big hair that was “often permed to achieve the desired volume” is especially associated with women of the mid 1980s as well as male rockstars of that era...



Woman Splashes £70K Transforming Her Three-Bed Terrace Into A Retro Wonderland After Raiding Charity Shops

North News and Pictures A nostalgia nut has transformed every room of her three-bed terraced house into a retro wonderland. Visitors feel like they have stepped back in time when they enter Trudi Evan’s vintage vision at her home in Stanley, County Durham. Trudi Evan’s has forked out nearly £70,000 to fill her home with retro objects. The 49-year-old has spent 18 months trawling eBay...



Custom Spectacles Craftsman From Chicago Re-Invents The Frame With Light-Reflecting Eyewear


Since 2005, Scott Urban has been creating bespoke wooden eyeglasses for clients all over the world. Now, his latest mission is to make eyewear shine — literally. He is calling them Reflectacles and they work by borrowing the same highly reflective technology used on road signs. Reflectacles improve night visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, while they also provide facial-privacy from the highly invasive camera-phone culture. If his past work is any indication, Reflectacles will be made with the highest attention to detail. I would know; I own a pair of Scott’s expertly crafted wood spectacles.

I first met Scott back in 2006 at a DIY craft fair in Chicago. While most of the vendors had a tented space with neat little displays, Scott showcased his beautifully hand carved wooden specs on a suspended bicycle which he had converted into a table. And he wasn’t selling anything; he was just spreading the word on his newest creations. I took a liking to the kid (at the time) and I have been following his work ever since. Throughout the years, Scott has always maintained his Do-Everything-Yourself mentality, and he is bringing this same approach to Reflectacles.

More Info: Reflectacles, Urban Spectacles (h/t: Boingboing)

“People in eight cities have stopped me on the street to ask where they could get their own pair, and they were the hit of the playa at Burning Man this year — they turned out especially great in the dark, catching the ambient light of the art cars and the flashes on peoples’ cameras.” – Cory Doctorow (via BoingBoing)

I first reached out to Scott Urban four years ago to have my own pair of his custom work. He invited me into his workshop where he lives with his dog and has amassed a large collection of well designed objects from thrift stores and garage sales. I mean, he had stacks of Eames chairs that it seemed he preferred to study rather than sit in. He pulled out calipers to measure my facial features, showed me many different wood options and he wanted to feel me out over a beer to assess my personal style. After many rounds of design options and a few months later, I was wearing his impeccably crafted eyewear and still do to the day.

“Afnan”, Hand Carved Ebony Macassar, 2014

“Amber”, Applied Baltic Amber to Verawood, 2015.

“Dots”, Ebony Gaboon with Olivewood insets. 2013.

“Snake Mills”, Snakewood, 2013. (The specs I wear)


The Typefaces


The Typefaces are simply faces in type. Born in a book, they can now be found climbing walls, walking the malls, and spending way too much time on social media.

Available at See more on Instagram.


The BullRest is Redesigning Travel Pillows


When we set out to design a new travel pillow, we wanted to solve two issues that face frequent travelers. One, current options are too big to fit into a small carry-on. And two, they kind of look ridiculous. Introducing the BullRest.

It’s 80% smaller than regular pillows using a unique ergonomic design. It has memory foam inserts, so it doesn’t sacrifice comfort over form. And we made sure it fits over 90% of the adult population.

It’s the world’s first travel pillow that is fit for the modern traveler.

We have a project live on KickStarter now. If you like the idea, check it out for more details!


Week-Enda: Finally The Diary That Gets Rid Of Useless Days


No wasted weekend ever again! Week-enda is the practical diary with just Saturdays and Sundays. We’ve done away with all the superfluous days, so you can focus on and organize your weekends to perfection. All year round!

Week-enda is the perfect gift for everyone: the indispensable accessory for bon viveurs, party animals and Epicureans, helping them fit in all their hedonistic appointments, but also an invaluable, almost therapeutic assistant for all those workaholics who simply must learn to take a break and rediscover the pleasures of a well-deserved breather when week comes to end.

It may appear to be meaningless but that are actually extremely practical: scribbles and a whole bunch of other things that we ourselves haven’t yet understood but that you’ll certainly be able to invent without even trying.

With their minimalist and part-vintage design, exquisite paper and visible paperback binding, Week-enda combines the pleasant with the futile, meticulous craftsmanship, irony, frivolity and intellectual provocation.

In a world entirely geared towards functionality and efficiency, it’s a bulwark of anti-functionality and transcendence, alleviating the disorientation of contemporary folk, or simply upsetting their supposedly rock-solid certainties.


Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSkò Design


Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSko Design l The Unique high performance Offshore Powerboat Coupe in black carbon fiber version.

Sporting the same dynamic lines, uncompromising finish and bespoke details for which the fleet of Technohull Ribs has become known, Technohull OMEGA 41 offers a level of style and power never seen before in its class and is ready to break many records.

Staggering, aggressive, powerful and stylish. Technohull 41 is designed by Alexander LiaSko Design (Alexandros Liaskovitis), Milan (Italy) based architect , specialized in architectural and Interior Design of High-End Luxury environments and products. For many years works in the fashion industry and collaborates with the most prestigious brands of this sector in worldwide projects. His design was made around a stepped hull designed in UK by Adam Younger Design, known for his famous British powerboat designs and with many years of racing experience.

An elegant 41ft long RIB without equal in its class. Technohull 41 will open your mind to a new definition of dynamic design and high performance at sea. Unique, Sophisticated design, noble materials, balance and elegance from the core of our philosophy.


A Modern Mirror Neck Tie

A modern mirror neck tie, with a glassy surface that clips on to your shirt

This Tiemension Mirror Neck tie is Pure Beauty. Run your finger along this smooth mirror like surface with it’s seductive looks, no one is immune to its attraction.

It’s called the Mirage, and for good reason, just imagine walking down the street and your world is reflected in this classic accessory.


Leather Belt with Hidden Pocket


Stash some emergency money in this Leather Belt with Hidden Pocket. It features its signature hidden pocket in the inside part, big enough to even hold your house key.

The Belt is constructed with full grain distressed leather, suede inner lining and a reinforced zinc plated detachable/replaceable buckle.

The Leather Belt With Hidden Pocket will give you some piece of mind knowing that you always have some cash on you in case of an emergency.