(via 35PHOTO – Алексей Сулоев – Африканский закат)

(via 35PHOTO - Алексей Сулоев - Африканский закат)

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Alpine Colors by Frӓncis

Red Carpet

Alpine Colors by Frӓncis

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Aerial Sunset. Photo by Chaluntorn

Aerial Sunset. Photo by Chaluntorn

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Arabian SightPhotograph by Glenn Jacobs, National Geographic…

Arabian Sight

Photograph by Glenn Jacobs, National Geographic Your Shot

“This Arabian mare was photographed in Dhashur, which is in the desert on the west bank of the Nile, not too far south of Cairo,” writes Glenn Jacobs, a member of our Your Shot photo community. “Because of the light, we waited until sunset to give this mare her temporary freedom. She was very much in tune with her handler, and he was able to guide her to the spot I had in mind for this shot. [It] was wide open, without any fence. The mare, though, always returned to her handler, which was a nice sight to behold.”

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