Suunto Kailash


Adventure watch makers Suunto have released their latest timepiece, the Suunto Kailash. Handmade in Finland, the Kailash gets its name from the holy Tibetan peak that has never been climbed, it features a glass-fiber composite body and space-grade titanium bezel for lightweight wear and durability.

The watch features an integrated GPS allowing for automatic global time and location updates, and with the accompanying app, you can quickly reference your travel stats, see and share a travel timeline map, distance traveled, keep track of how many countries or cities visited, and check watch-based phone notifications.

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Leica SL


Leica goes mirrorless with the new Leica SL, a compact system that delivers 24-megapixel full-frame sensor and offers an impressive range of innovative features.

The company is targeting professionals, and the Leica SL is the perfect tool, it offers the highest possible image quality with the fewest compromises.

Notable features OF THE interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, are the integrated 4.4 megapixel electronic viewfinder, the fastest autofocus of any professional camera, ISO sensitivity up to 50,000, a 1/8000 shutter speed, full weather and dust sealing, a touch-screen rear LCD, Wi-Fi and GPS, dual SD card slots, 4k video, 11 fps burst rate and a versatile lens mount.

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Torch T2 Bike Helmet


The innovative T2 helmet is an essential safety upgrade for bike commuters. The large lights will make you visible to motorists and can be seen over other obstacles on the road from all directions.

Recharging the battery has also been made easy by using an included USB cable. The innovative helmet is an essential safety upgrade for bike commuters, allowing you to be visible in all conditions, from all angles.

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Luxury ‘Doomsday Bunker’ Will Allow 34 Super Rich Families To Survive The Apocalypse


Blast door crane

What do you buy the billionaire that has everything? A one way ticket to life after Armageddon.

Blast door

When the end of the world comes, even wealthy people will not be spared. Unless, of course, they’ve managed to buy themselves a spot in a massive underground apocalypse bunker.

Lounge area

Whilst is handy, because the super rich have been invited to buy up a place in a five star shelter in Rothenstein, Germany, which is designed to allow them to live underground for a year and then emerge “when the worst is over”.

Main living ara

Just 34 “high worth” families will be welcomed into the European doomsday den, with prices only available on application.

Dining area

The sumptuous $1billion building is fitted with swimming pools, gyms and theatres so the rich don’t get too bored whilst the rest of us are all busy killing or being killed.


Originally a Soviet-era Cold War base, it offers the perfect balance between luxury and safety.


“Vivos is the most affordable way to secure ownership and space for you and your loved ones in a real underground shelter built to withstand virtually any envisioned catastrophe,” its owners wrote to Mirror.


The Vivos website lists all the bizarre conspiracy theories wheeled out to suggest the world is about to end.


“We have all heard the prophecies of the ‘End Times’,” the company wrote.

Bedroom queen bunks

“The Bible warns of it. Nostradamus foresaw it. Edgar Cayce predicted it. The Hopi Indians, the Third Secret of Fatima, Saint Malachy and prophets throughout the ages all warn of the same epic global catastrophes that will befall upon the Earth.”


“We have been warned of Armageddon, Nibiru/Planet X, a sudden pole shift, future plagues, an EMP blast, a solar kill shot, a super volcanic eruption, major earth changes, killer asteroids and comets, mega tsunami’s, an economic meltdown and even the anarchy that will certainly follow any one of these events.”

Security entrance

Luckily for some, Vivos is now n a “race against time” to build a global network of underground community shelters, comparing its mission to the construction of Noah’s Ark.

Exercise kennels

Garden area

Utility area

Electrical water systems


Hot water sevage systems

Interior over preassure door

Interior blast door

Blast valves

NBC filter wall blast valves

NBC filter wall


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LEED 500 Series: The Worlds Most Affordable and Efficient Electric Bicycle Kit


With high gas prices, extended traffic times, and the nuisance of fuel exhaustion in the atmosphere, more and more people everyday wish they had a better alternative for commuting to work. The LEED 500 Series is here to offer people a solution: Get to work on an electric battery powered bicycle without harming the environment, sitting in traffic, or spending money on fuel.

The LEED 500 Series is the answer to making cycling anywhere a cinch, no pedaling involved (unless you really want to). Strap the battery to your bike using one of the two configurations, install the included Front or Rear wheel with motor, and VOILA you are riding in style- sweat not included.

Boasting a 500 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor and a 36 Volt Samsung Li-Ion Battery System that can fully charge in 4 hours, the LEED 500 Series is a powerful kit that will get you up the steepest hills Mother Earth can hit you with. Want to pedal to your destination for a workout? Go ahead, the motor does not have to be turned on for the bike to roll. If not, turn the motor on and use the handle bar throttle to power yourself to top speeds without even moving your legs.

The LEED 500 Series also acts as a back up battery so you can charge any device to full power. Want to know how much battery power you have left, distance you have travelled, or speed? Check out the included LCD monitor to keep an eye on your vitals. The feature packed, weatherproof LEED 500 Series is ready for anything.


Just Press Record


We love simplicity; we love functionality; and we love this new app named Just Press Record, a simple, professional audio recorder that instantly syncs your recordings across all your devices. Simply open the app, press the big red button to record, press it again when you’re finished.

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Sony RX1R II


On the cutting edge of imaging technology, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II Digital Camera from Sony packs in a full-frame 42.4-megapixel Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor behind a fixed Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm f/2 lens that grants users the ability to capture finely detailed images in an extraordinarily compact body.

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AEON GoPro Stabilizer


AEON is a user-friendly handheld stabilizer keeps your GoPro steady to deliver a perfectly smooth, stable shot every time.

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Keurig Kold Drinkmaker


Pick and choose. And choose. And choose. Make a Coca-Cola. Make a Sprite. Make a Dr Pepper. With a variety of beverages to choose from you can make perfectly chilled craft sodas, seltzers, iced teas, sports drinks and more. All at the push of a button.

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Octovo Essentials


Octovo, craft beautiful leather goods from their home base in San Francisco. Their collection features everyday accessories, and indispensable tools for looking and traveling smart.

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