Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSkò Design


Technohull Omega 41 – by Alexander LiaSko Design l The Unique high performance Offshore Powerboat Coupe in black carbon fiber version.

Sporting the same dynamic lines, uncompromising finish and bespoke details for which the fleet of Technohull Ribs has become known, Technohull OMEGA 41 offers a level of style and power never seen before in its class and is ready to break many records.

Staggering, aggressive, powerful and stylish. Technohull 41 is designed by Alexander LiaSko Design (Alexandros Liaskovitis), Milan (Italy) based architect , specialized in architectural and Interior Design of High-End Luxury environments and products. For many years works in the fashion industry and collaborates with the most prestigious brands of this sector in worldwide projects. His design was made around a stepped hull designed in UK by Adam Younger Design, known for his famous British powerboat designs and with many years of racing experience.

An elegant 41ft long RIB without equal in its class. Technohull 41 will open your mind to a new definition of dynamic design and high performance at sea. Unique, Sophisticated design, noble materials, balance and elegance from the core of our philosophy.


BB-8 Droid | by Sphero


Meet BB-8 – the app-enabled Droid that’s as authentic as it is advanced. BB-8 has something unlike any other robot – an adaptive personality that changes as you play.

Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands.

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If you hate how quickly your batteries die (devices only tap 20% of your battery’s energy), Batteriser might be just for you.

Featuring a proprietary circuitry to maintain an optimal output voltage of your batteries, and a micro-thin stainless steel sleeve that slips over your batteries, Batteriser is able to extend their lifetime by up to 8 times.

It is available for AA, AAA, C and D batteries and fits neatly in the back of your device’s battery compartment.

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Moment Case


Moment Case turns your iPhone 6 and 6+ into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment.

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Fobo Tire Pressure Sensor


FOBO Tire Plus is the World’s First all Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

It is designed to promote road safety through the only contact points of vehicles to the road surface – the tires.

Optimum tire pressure ensures optimal road holding and car performance, effective braking distance, longer tire tread life and better fuel efficiency.

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QuickStand by Humanscale


QuickStand height-adjustable workstation raises the bar for ease of use and stability among sit/stand products.

QuickStand seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active one, promoting collaboration and well-being in the workplace.

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SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists. Its military-grade locking system ensures it stays permanently on your handlebar to assist you when you need it.

The intuitive navigation system shows you the quickest, safest routes to your destination. Automatic tracking capabilities save your biking metrics seamlessly.

The powerful front light illuminates your path at night.

And when you’re not around, SmartHalo keeps your bike safe from thieves.

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TarDisk is first and foremost an incredibly simple way to do more with your MacBook.

It increases storage space and does everything an onboard hard drive should, but in a revolutionary way. Plug it in for instant access to the digital space that you need. TarDisk helps you to be more productive.

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Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger


Use your bike not only as a ride, but also as a small power generator with Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger. This device transforms the momentum of your ride into ready to use power for your gadgets like smartphone, GPS systems or any other devices with a USB port.

The Siva Atom constantly charges your devices and the removable 1650mAh lithium polymer battery that can be used as a portable battery pack. It also offers very low rolling resistance and it is weather resistant to IP-4 Standards, meaning that it can hold up to water splashes as long as it is not submerged.

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Chinese Welder Spends A Year Building Life-size Transformers Model For His Lucky Son


In parts of China, building giant “life-size” Transformer models out of scrap metal is a popular hobby. The latest Transformers creation comes from shipyard welder Wang Liansheng, who spent a year constructing the giant Bumblebee model as a gift for his young son. Father of the Year, right?

Liangsheng took his son to see the Transformers movie last August, and the boy became a huge fan. He gifted his son a Transformers toy, and the boy asked for a bigger one. (Of course he did.) Liangsheng put his thinking cap on and decided to undertake the enormous task of building a life-size Bumblebee replica from scrap car parts collected from a junk yard.

After a year of welding, his son’s dreams have come true. His very own Bumblebee weighs around 3 tons, and stands 5 meters (16 feet) tall and 3 meters (10 feet) wide. That little boy is likely the envy of all the neighborhood children in their village of Jiangsu, China. Who would have ever thought scrap metal could be so much fun?

Via Inhabitat, Mashable. Images via People’s Daily.