A Pair of Back to The Future Fans Have Built the World’s First Life–sized Replica of The Time Travel Train

Mike Hutchinson, 43, and Ian Robinson, 49, spent five months on their epic recreation. Mike, who is from Bingley, West Yorks, and Ian, who is a prop builder, was influenced by 90s nostalgia. Mike, who is a mortgage advisor, and Ian, from Harrogate, Yorks, have lost count of the number of times they’ve watched Back to the Future 3.

They went above and beyond to ensure the 30ft train looks like the real deal and spent in excess of £30,000 ($41,000). Mike said: “We have both been fans of the films and prop collectors for years.

“Last year, I asked, if I had ever thought of building the train. At that point, I simply laughed off the idea. Coincidentally Ian, who works as a prop builder and I reconnected and we discussed the idea of building the train. You could say we were lucky, as both of our work had dried out due to the pandemic, so we had time to plan and build when restrictions allowed. We researched from watching the film numerous times. We also obtained never before seen pictures from the prop masters and special effect teams from the actual film.”

The pair hope to showcase the world’s first replica to the world when lockdown restrictions are eased. They have been inundated with fans who would love to see it in the flesh. They hope to hire it out for private events in the future.

Mike said: “We are waiting for an opportunity to showcase this world‘s first replica build to the world. The BTTF community cannot believe that we have recreated so an iconic prop. We have hundreds of people waiting for this to be released so that they can see this build in the flesh. It has brought a great buzz to the BTTF community.”

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Amazing Rare Photographs of the Montparnasse Train Wreck in 1895

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

This extraordinary accident occurred on October 22, 1895 at Montparnasse, then known as Gare de l’Ouest. The drive of the express train from Granville to Paris, hoping to make up time for its 131 passengers, increased the train’s speed and the air brake failed.

h/t: rarehistoricalphotos

The unwrecked station. 1890.

Smashing through the track buffers, the express careered across the station concourse, broke through the station wall, and crashed to the street below, where it remained for four days drawing crowds of curious onlookers.

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the express train, operated by Chemins de fer de l’Ouest, was made up of steam locomotive No. 721 (a type 2-4-0, French notation 120) hauling three luggage vans, a post van, and six-passenger coaches. The train had left Granville on time at 8:45 AM but was several minutes late as it approached its Paris Montparnasse terminus.

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

In an effort to make up lost time, the train approached the station too fast, at a speed of 40–60 km/h (25–37 mph), while there was a failure to apply the Westinghouse air brake. Without sufficient braking, the momentum of the train carried it slowly into the buffers, and the locomotive crossed the almost 30-meter (98 ft) wide station concourse, crashing through a 60-centimeter (24 inches) thick wall, before falling onto the Place de Rennes 10 meters (33 ft) below, where it stood on its nose.

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

In total, a woman in the street below was killed by falling masonry, and two passengers, the fireman, two guards, and a passerby in the street sustained injuries. The woman, Marie-Augustine Aguilard, had been standing in for her husband, a newspaper vendor, while he went to collect the evening newspapers. The driver received a fifty franc fine.

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

The locomotive was taken to a repair station and turned out to sustain only minor damages. Eventually, the locomotive and the passengers’ cars were put again in service. The Montparnasse derailment was beautifully recreated in Martin Scorsese’s movie Hugo.

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Roger Viollet/Getty Images

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Whale Tail Sculpture Stops Rotterdam Metro Train from Crashing Into Water

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Amazing Vintage Photographs Of The TC-497 Overland Train Mark II, The Longest Offroad Vehicle In The World

In the early 1950s, LeTourneau, Inc., a heavy-equipment maker based in Longview, Texas, developed the idea of using a diesel-electric transmission to drive multi-wheeled vehicles. Each wheel was driven by a separate electric motor, which gave the vehicles much better traction as the force of the engine was spread across a number of wheels. h/t: vintag.es In general terms these vehicles were...


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Nearby Train Crossing Gives Aichi’s Daibutsu The Title Of Most Stylish Great Buddha In Japan

Built in 1954, the 18m tall Great Buddha statue in Konan, Aichi prefecture is already a well sought out attraction for those visiting the area. As an added bonus, the impressive statue is even more of a sight to behold in the spring, when it is surrounded by a sea of cherry blossom trees. Regardless of the season, however, it may be the most stylish Buddha statue in all of Japan when approached...


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Inside Japan’s New Luxury Suite Train That Departs From Ueno’s Platform 13½

Harry Potter fans got a little giddy when JR East announced that Ueno Station in Tokyo would open up a “Platform 13½” in order to accommodate the new Train Suite Shiki-Shima, a luxury train that features observation platforms, private suites, high class restaurants, and foot baths. More: Train Suite Shiki-Shima h/t: grapee While not a totally direct reference to Platform 9¾...


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Train In Japan Decorated With Thousand-Armed Kannon Limbs Hanging From Carriage Ceiling

Sankei Shimbun A train in Kyoto decorated with the limbs of the Thousand-armed Kannon is now transporting tourists around sightseeing spots in the city. h/t: japantrends Sankei Shimbun Featuring some eighty gold-colored arms bent in the poses instantly recognizable as the Kannon’s dangling from the ceiling of the carriage, the train runs on the Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen) Kitano Line in...


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Japanese Railway Hosts World’s First Cat Café On A Moving Train With Adoptable Kittens Riding On Board

In an effort to raise awareness about stray cats in the area, the Yoro Railway LTD partnered with the Kitten Cafe Sanctuary in Gifu, Japan to create the world’s first rolling cat café on a train. The event took place on September 12, 2017, and passengers traveling between the Ogaki and Ikeno Stations were able to share their commute with a whole bunch of adoptable and adorable kittens who needed...


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Turn Your Cats Into Furry Train Conductors With Colorful Cardboard Trains

Thanks to Japanese retailer Felissimo, however, even cats will get to pretend-travel distances far and wide in fancy cardboard trains! More: Felissimo h/t: grapee This train for felines doubles as a house and a cardboard scratcher and comes in blue, red, and black. It can easily accommodate a 6.5-kilogram (14-pound) cat, and comes with adorable accessories to give the furry travelers an authentic...


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Grasshopper’s Dream, A Cafe With Two Giant Grasshoppers At The Train Station In South Korea

lifeoutsideoftexas Here’s a Grasshopper’s Dream, a cafe at the Gujeol-ri train station near Jeongseon, South Korea. Housed in a train, the cafe is the shape of a grasshopper. Also, there is another cafe in the shape of female grasshopper. minty_sky minty_sky fakharhyu dong2013 dong2013 dong2013 dong2013...


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