1964 General Motors Bison Concept: The Future Looked So Awesome!

The General Motors Bison Concept debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, but to little fanfare. That same show was dominated by the debut of the Ford Mustang. This turbine-powered concept was quickly forgotten and that’s a shame because the General Motors Bison Concept was an outstanding looking truck. h/t: tfltruck Featuring a tilt-forward canopy, four-wheel steering and a GT-309 turbine power...


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This Futuristic 1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Truck

1966 Ford Ranger II concept truck with a futuristic look created with a streamlined windshield, high-intensity head lights of rectangular design and Clearwater Aqua finish. Syd Mead created a design for a convertible Ford pickup, similar to the modern Chevrolet SSR. According to Syd, “This was designed to mount onto a ’63 Ford station wagon frame. It was fully operational with A/


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Real Fire Truck Converted In Authentic And Cozy Log Cabin

This fantastic unique fire truck is nested in a spectacular location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within the splendid Lake District National Park. Perfectly positioned directly at the southern foot fells of the magnificent Blencathra one of the most impressive fells in the Northern Lakes. Located close to the pretty village of Threlkeld home to two popular pubs serving local dishes and...


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Couple Spends $25,000 To Convert Old Truck Into Mobile Home And It Looks Better Than Most Apartments

For most of us, buying a house seems like a far-fetched fantasy. But this young couple from Nottingham, UK, have decided to do things their way. As the two love to travel and their jobs include being outdoors – they decided that they needed a home which could travel together with them. So, after “a few beers”, an idea came to Martin’s head – he should buy “a big American RV”. Turns out, it wasn’t...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2018/11/couple-spends-25000-to-convert-old-truck-into-mobile-home-and-it-looks-better-than-most-apartments/

A Bridge Too Low

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Semi Truck Pulls Tractor and Explodes Engine. [video]

Semi Truck Pulls Tractor and Explodes Engine. [video]

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Paint accident in Russia. [video](via ViralHog)

Paint accident in Russia. [video]

(via ViralHog)

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Truck Jump and crash. [video]

Truck Jump and crash. [video]

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The Best intelligent truck driver Ever!! [video]

The Best intelligent truck driver Ever!! [video]

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Semi truck loses trailer. [video][GlobalLeaks News]

Semi truck loses trailer. [video]

[GlobalLeaks News]

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