DCN Video Pick: @jacktorrancetrip – Instagram Cinematic…

DCN Video Pick: @jacktorrancetrip - Instagram Cinematic Storytelling Experience // Trailer by The Kissinger Twins // “A story for the Edward Snowdens and Daniel Ellsbergs in all of us” - Filmteractive Festival https://www.instagram.com/jacktorrancetrip/ What if the moon landing wasn’t real? “The Trip” Webby Awards winning transmedia project now on Instagram. Meet Jack Torrance and follow his story to the dark side of politics and manipulation @jacktorrancetrip Written and Directed by The Kissinger Twins & Austen Morrow with music by Smolik www.kissingertwins.com www.smolik.com.pl

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DCN Video Pick: Dolby Gallery “Metamorphosis” by…

DCN Video Pick: Dolby Gallery “Metamorphosis” by Leviathan // Leviathan’s Metamorphosis is an audiovisual odyssey that extracts brilliant color data from masterpieces of the past century to create an entirely new experience of art. Employing newly developed coding techniques, Leviathan dissects a curated selection of paintings into abstract digital forms. The generative visuals, which are set rhythmically to a composed ambient soundscape, evolve through time and space — transforming the unique LED canvas at Dolby Gallery into an immersive, meditative experience. This synergy between sight and sound is custom-designed for Dolby Gallery. Rich color volume data, inspired by Dolby Vision technology, is brought to life along with a sonic experience mixed in Dolby Atmos. Moving audio dynamically travels across 52 full-range speakers and 34 subwoofers to immerse visitors in a fusion of art and science. Leviathan is a specialized experiential design studio, based in Chicago, Illinois. Working at the nexus of design, digital media, and interaction, Leviathan transforms ambitious ideas into future-forward experiences. This work is part of a series of Dolby exhibitions that explore the leading edge of audio and imaging technologies in partnership with contemporary artists. Learn more at dolby.com/art lvthn.com CREDITS: CLIENT: DOLBY LABORATORIES STUDIO: LEVIATHAN DESIGN Senior Creative Director: Bradon Webb Senior Producer: Bill Galusha Producer: Brittany Maddock Visual Artist / Programmer: Bradon Webb Technical Director: Adam Berg Software Engineer: David Braun Look Development + 3D: Andrew Butterworth, Anthony Malagutti Editorial: Kirill Mazor Sound Design: Waveplant Executive Producer: Chad Hutson Executive Creative Director: Jason White CASE STUDY VIDEO: LEVIATHAN DESIGN Executive Creative Director: Jason White Associate Creative Director: Gareth Fewel Producer: Brittany Maddock Director of Photography: TRUE MVMNT Video Crew: TRUE MVMNT Editorial: Kirill Mazor Photography + Animation: Gareth Fewel Music: Marmoset Sound Design: Waveplant

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DCN Video Pick: OFFF: beyond the experience by OFFF, let’s…

DCN Video Pick: OFFF: beyond the experience by OFFF, let’s feed the future // Who is OFFF made for, what keeps us motivated, why you should attend OFFF Festival at least once in your life? For our 18th edition recap, we decided to go behind-the-scenes and explain what goes beyond an OFFF experience. We explored a three day journey back in May 2018, a journey of non-stop creativity and inspiring experiences shared by our speakers. To all our audience and future OFFF attendees, this is for you. Who is OFFF made for, what keeps us motivated, why you should attend OFFF Festival? For our 18th edition recap, we decided to go behind-the scenes � Film and editing: Jose Luis Onieva Second camera: Mark Gamazo

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DCN Video Pick: LUC: Glow by Dress Code // A music video for…

DCN Video Pick: LUC: Glow by Dress Code // A music video for LUC’s new single Glow. Client: LUC Produced by: Dress Code (dresscodeny.com) Executive Creative Director: Dan Covert Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein 
Head of Production: Tara Rose Stromberg Director: Vincenzo Lodigiani Design: Elena Chudoba, Vincenzo Lodigiani Animation: Erika Bernetich, Elaine Lee, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Rasmus Löwenbrååt

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DCN Video Pick: Citymobil by MRfrukta // Client — Citymobil…

DCN Video Pick: Citymobil by MRfrukta // Client — Citymobil Producer / Head of Marketing — Svetlana Butianova Story, Design, Motion — Alex Frukta   Music, Sound Design — Cosmic Setter 2018 —  CityMobil  Is a modern media-oriented taxi service, a local carrier company that operates on the territory of Moscow, an alternative to large services Uber, Gett, Yandex. The story. New morning, the app with alarm clock on the smartphone rings and wakes the main character, there is no choice - the day has begun. And then in the frame the view of the city, people wake up, order different taxi services, but the choice is the same. Our hero is still at home, choosing between boring monotonous clothes. He is determined that he will put on and goes down into the city, orders a taxi to get to a work and suddenly a CityMobil car rushes past. The world of our hero turns around, he is so interested in this alternative service that he downloads the application and orders a taxi through the CityMobil. Further we see that our front man comes to work, and after a few hours of hard work, he certainly hungry and order a Citymobil to go snack, and to continue the work after the taxi will bring him back to work. But the day is not infinite, it’s like the movie that already ending, and the main character remembers how convenient it was today to travel with Citymobil and he makes his choice, choosing the service he likes to get home. Stop camera. Cut!

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DCN Video Pick: Kontroll ‘18 by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy //…

DCN Video Pick: Kontroll ‘18 by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy // Short animated film about technology, typography, music and personality disorder.

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DCN Video Pick: Circular Dimensions by Mask Movement //…

DCN Video Pick: Circular Dimensions by Mask Movement // “Any form of art can be accepted. As long as you are inspired.” Circular Dimensions is an art collaboration of Histibe & XP-Pen, filmed on Lumix GH5S. More details: https://www.behance.net/gallery/66005961/Circular-Dimensions

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DCN Video Pick: “Venom” China Yggström by BABYBABY…

DCN Video Pick: “Venom” China Yggström by BABYBABY // “The vistas, bodily contortions and ruins of a tainted love affair.” Director/DoP/Edit/Color/VFX: BABYBABY Cast: Pär Andersson Meli Åkerman Jenny Lundberg Camilla Abrahamsson Sam Marberg Nils Pettersson Ruben Kronström Venom: https://spinnup.lnk.to/venom

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DCN Video Pick: OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles by GIANTSTEP by…

DCN Video Pick: OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles by GIANTSTEP by OFFF, let’s feed the future // Gemini - The long awaited Main Titles for OFFF Barcelona’s 18th edition by GIANTSTEP. “This sequence is about McLuhan’s famous quote "The medium is the message” infused with Greek mythology, Gemini. We adopted the story of Gemini and paralleled their story with the history of media; their secret birth, sisterhood, and death/resurrection along with letterpress printing, broadcast transmutation, and computer/AI world. Carefully composed shots allow the viewer to experience our poetic imagination of the story that we have arranged. We made sure the visual rhythm was achieved in the manner of visual poetry by repetition of imagery.“ Dive into this mesmerising sequence that explores a narrative masterpiece presenting each artist who joined OFFF Barcelona 2018. Main Title Sequence by GIANTSTEP Directed by Jake Ferguson, Heebok Lee Produced by Barrett Brown Edited by Zach Kilroy Talent Christiane Shillito (aka Ulorin Vex) Music and Sound Design by Box of Toys Audio Houdini Technical Director Serjan Burlak Art Direction Sasha Vinogradova Carlo Sa Chadwick Halbritter Felix Soletic Kaya Thomas Seth Garnes Eric Keller Los Angeles Post Production Editor / Post Supervisor: Zach Kilroy Lead 3D Animation: Woosong Kang Lead 2D Animation: Seth Garnes Animation / Design: Jan Sladecko Pipeline Management: Jean Delaunay Animation / Design: Gabriel Perez Animation / Design: Tyler Heacox Conscious Minds Executive Producer: Jonathan Green Producer: Mat Lancaster Producer: Barrett Brown Director of Photography: Ryan Speers First Assistant Director: Dustin McLean First Assistant Camera: Kelsey Juddo Gaffer: Chris Webha VFX Supervisor: Meng-Yang Lu Second Assistant Camera: Erick Crespo Propmaker: Clay Sparks Hair and Makeup: Christina Spina Electrician: Armando Milano Electrician: Rafael Rivera Key Grip: Kyle Klebe Best Boy Grip: Job Jaime Grip: Dave Luke Conte Dolly Grip: Caleb Zook Truck / Set PA: Daniel Vejdani DIT: Shiblon Wixom GIANTSTEP ART Team CG Supervisor: Dogyeom Lee CG Supervisor: Gryun Kim Lead Animation / Design: Sanghee Lee Lead 3D Artist: Taehoon Park 3D Artist: Sungjin Jang 3D Artist: Jisung Moon 3D Artist: Junho Kim 3D Artist: Haram Jung 3D Artist: Jeongrae Jo 3D Artist: Jaeyeoun Lee 3D CGI Team CG Supervisor: Daisuke Sakamoto Lead 3D Artist: Taemin Jeong 3D Artist: Jukwang Kim 3D Artist: Suhyun Cho 3D Artist: Daeseung Kang 3D Artist: Jeonghyun Shi 3D Artist: Hyungju Yu 3D Artist: Jaemoo Lee Lead FX Artist: Kichun Kim FX Artist: Soooh Jeong FX Artist: Intae Jang Lead Composite Artist: Dongkyun Seon Composite Artist: Janghyuk Kim Composite Artist: Jiwoong Park Composite Artist: Jangwoo Choi Composite Artist: Hyunmin Ju Special Thanks OTOY Quixote The Greenery Studios Hai Le Youngwoo Moon Jeongseok Yang

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DCN Video Pick: Olga Midlenko Demo Reel 2018 by Olga Midlenko //

DCN Video Pick: Olga Midlenko Demo Reel 2018 by Olga Midlenko //

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