DCN Video Pick: MTS DOSTUP by MRfrukta // Client — Mosaic…

DCN Video Pick: MTS DOSTUP by MRfrukta // Client — Mosaic Digital Agency Brand — MTC Creative, Design, Motion — Alex Frukta 2018. MTS ACCESS. Animation Illustration for limited content art project «ACCESS».  https://www.behance.net/gallery/72087499/MTC-Access What is access?  This is an opportunity that is not given to everyone,  access is given to those who are looking for something new, expanding their horizons. Today only units have no phone, and progress does not stand still: astronomers in search of new worlds, scientists penetrate deeply and split space and time into details. I fantasize about the app of the future, where an interested person can touch parallel matter, get access to another world.  In my work, another reality is depicted, perhaps it is a form of life, and maybe just a freakish breed of local space. We observe how the hand gets the same access - the tactile new world that has not been studied before. МТС ДОСТУП. Анимационная иллюстрация для лимитированного контента арт проекта «ДОСТУП».  Что такое доступ?  это возможность которая дается не всем, доступ получают те кто ищут что то новое, расширяют свой кругозор.  Сегодня у единиц нет телефона, а прогресс не стоит на месте: астрономы в поиске новых миров,  ученые проникают глубоко и раскалывают пространство и время на детали.  Я фантазирую на тему приложения будущего, с помощью которого интересующийся  сможет прикоснуться к параллельной материи, получить доступ к иному миру.  В моей работе отображена другая реальность, возможно это форма жизни, а может всего лишь причудливая порода местного пространства. Наблюдаем как рука получает тот самый доступ - осязая новый доселе не изученный мир. 

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DCN Video Pick: Max Cooper – Identity – Official Video by Pylik…

DCN Video Pick: Max Cooper - Identity - Official Video by Pylik by Max Cooper // Finding our identity amongst the barrage of incoming ideas is a difficult thing. Family, religion, nationality, friends, press, politics, socials, what’s right, wrong, acceptable, reprehensible, cool or not, so many things trying to make us think and behave in a certain way. And often at odds with each other, with us left in the middle of it, trying to figure out who WE are. When I spent my month looking inward for my own foundations for the ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ project, the collection of these value systems and ideals was a big part of what I found. It was also clear that they are all much more malleable than we usually assume, with our identities being tailored by us over time, rather than bestowed and unchanging. I wanted to turn all of this into an audio-visual project, so I started with the idea of an identity constrained by the external barrage, but always there underneath, waiting to find its moment to emerge fully, and also with the idea of the intensity of the whole process, which demanded emergent noise. Eugene Pylinsky created a great visual rendering of the idea in parallel, with a digital self bombarded by news, ideals and value judgements in an intense glitching format fitting for the track. It’s been one of my live show highlights because of the intensity Eugene has created visually, and hopefully will make for a nice music video too. - Max Cooper - - - Listen to the new album 'One Hundred Billion Sparks’: https://maxcooper.lnk.to/OHBS For a deeper read into the ideas behind the project: https://www.onehundredbillionsparks.net https://maxcooper.net https://www.instagram.com/maxcoopermax - - - Directors thanks, Eugene Pylinsky (Pylik): “I’ve been following Max and his collaborations with artists for a long time and I was hoping to work with him someday, and here we are. I got a clear reference from Max to some of my videos on Instagram. We understood each other without tons of words, so my workflow was clearly. The idea of the video is 'Identity’. All of us come under the influence of informational environment around us. It impacts us, shapes us and opens up our personality. We both find and lose ourselves in it. I was trying to find balance between web and live versions of the video. That’s why I decided to generate strong graphics, like barcode and qr code, in my compositions, with characters melting and disappearing in it. I paid much attention to synchronize the music with graphics to deliver intensity, atmosphere. Big thanks to Max Cooper who entrust me to create video for his music track 'Identity’, and to my friend Roman Scrypchenko for helping me with direction.” https://www.instagram.com/pylik/ https://www.behance.net/pylik https://vimeo.com/pylik

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DCN Video Pick: Significant Otherness – Pause Fest 2019 by…

DCN Video Pick: Significant Otherness - Pause Fest 2019 by Onesal // Pause Fest invited Onesal to participate doing a Motion Response under the theme “Intimate Futures”. The relationship humans have with technology is being redefined and the divide between humans and machines is getting increasingly narrower. We set off to explore this relationship from an intimate angle. We did so by introducing a set of unconnected scenes that indirectly represent what goes on inside one’s body when getting closer, establishing a connection and finally consummating the union with a significant other. In that case, that significant other is represented by technology. This process leads to feelings and sensations that are inherently human. Every shot was crafted with artificial, almost otherworldly textures and elements. Credits: Production: Onesal Creative Direction: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin Art Direction: Damian Sendin Music and SFX: Mount Audio Producer: Ailin Brunner Project Manager: Lucia Gutkin Animation and CG Artists: Nahuel Salcedo, Koji Obara, Mercedes Herrera, Damian Sendin

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DCN Video Pick: oppo_R15X by CCLAB // 我们为oppo新款手机R15X制作的小短片广告

DCN Video Pick: oppo_R15X by CCLAB // 我们为oppo新款手机R15X制作的小短片广告

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DCN Video Pick: Dua Lipa – IDGAF by Henry Scholfield //

DCN Video Pick: Dua Lipa - IDGAF by Henry Scholfield //

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DCN Video Pick: Pause 2019 Motion Response – Forever by Nicolas…

DCN Video Pick: Pause 2019 Motion Response - Forever by Nicolas Arnold // Technology gives us infinite opportunities to design our lives everyday. We create, copy and upload leading a fast-paced existence. It is an overwhelming and numbing process. More so we lose the ability to form deep relationships because we do not have to - a better one might be waiting around the corner. This Is why the concept of “forever” scares us. We even prefer superficial friendships in order to avoid potential crisis. … In July 2018 I was selected to create a Motion Response for the upcoming Pause Fest tackling this years theme “The Future Is Intimate”. I spent the next four months shooting all sorts of materials – from glas orbs over liquids to prisms – trying  to illustrate my visual interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s famous quote “Forever – Is Composed Of Nows”. The film  is loosely based on Robert Plutchik’s “Wheel Of Emotions” which describes eight primary emotions we experience in life. Just like Plutchik I tried to create visual clusters in order to disassemble the term “forever”. “Forever” climaxes in a key visual representing a sequence of moments and emotions. Process Reel: https://vimeo.com/302578314 George, Alexander - huge thanks for selecting me! Pause Fest 2019, Melbourne pausefest.com.au, @pausefest Design, Direction: Nicolas Arnold, frameandcolor.de, IG: @frame.and.color.de Sound Design: Jochen Mader, zenthing.tv, IG: @zenthing.tv Roto Artist: Michel Arnold See the process reel here: https://vimeo.com/302578314

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DCN Video Pick: Charlotte Prodger, BRIDGIT, 2016 – excerpt by…

DCN Video Pick: Charlotte Prodger, BRIDGIT, 2016 - excerpt by Film London // Single-channel HD video 1min46sec excerpt (Duration of entire piece: 32min)

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DCN Video Pick: Layers – Art film by Maxim Zhestkov by Zhestkov…

DCN Video Pick: Layers - Art film by Maxim Zhestkov by Zhestkov // Layers is a 4K digital art film directed by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the juxtaposition of the outside and inside. Computer-generated dark and brutal geometric monoliths are dissected by invisible 3D objects to reveal the layers of the colourful and emotionally vibrant inner structures. At the intersections of the shapes we encounter complex structures which could be perceived as 3D representations of objects within a 4D universe. After the previous art films’ foray into the territory of imaginary gallery spaces (Elements and Volumes), Maxim decided to push further and explore the possibilities of impossible sculptures as the main character for this project. Layers is the fourth film in the series which Maxim launched in 2017. Maxim has committed to producing one film each season for the rest of his life along with commercial projects in his studio - Zhestkov.Studio - to express his thoughts, ideas and vision and to explore new boundaries of digital art. https://zhestkov.studio https://www.behance.net/gallery/73280419/Layers-Art-film

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DCN Video Pick: Abstrackt Keal Agram – For No One by Romain…

DCN Video Pick: Abstrackt Keal Agram - For No One by Romain Laurent // Abstract Keal Agram - For No One From the album Screen Blood https://idol.lnk.to/ScreenBlood The inspiration behind this story comes from seeing my wife’s father dying slowly of cancer. As much as I could try to imagine the pain she felt, I couldn’t really put myself in her shoes. It dawned on me that one day I will have to face this situation with my mother - who raised me alone from child to teen. I revisited a number of moments and situations she had to deal with during which I would be disrespectful, wouldn’t understand how worried she would be nor care about her feelings. I saw a few things from her perspective, and it made me pause to acknowledge how much I love her. Director : Romain Laurent Cinematography: Olivier Gossot Producer: Arthur Parratte Production: Solab Exec producers: Nicolas Tiry & Edouard Chassaing Editor: Mark Potter @Cosmostreet NYC Post-Production: Firm Paris Shot on 35mm in Los Angeles

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