DCN Pick: Co-nundrum Title Sequence by Tiber Ergür // Co-nundrum…

DCN Pick: Co-nundrum Title Sequence by Tiber Ergür // Co-nundrum is a Self-practice project. Cinema 4D - Octane render - X-particles - AE Design & Animation: Tiber Ergur Music & Sound Design: Jacob Thomas Czech

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/169972326691


DCN Pick: 24 HOURS IN LOS ANGELES - DRONE TIMELAPSE by Beverly Hills Aerials // This video is the result of a 3 month drone journey throughout Los Angeles. We used every waking free moment to scout, plan, and shoot a variation of iconic locations and inspiring architecture. We shot approximately 50 different locations and only selected the absolute best shots. Our focus was on precision, speed, proper time of day, and most importantly, safety. The entire video was filmed with a DJI inspire 2 in Pro Res 422HQ.  This project has taken up approximately 4TB of space on our hard drives. Safety Precautions and Legalities: Every single shot in this video was completed in the safest means possible. This meant shooting at times when there was minimal or no pedestrian traffic. We shot everything in G airspace, or within areas that we have been granted FAA airspace waivers for. We used visual observers, hands-free radio communication, and also monitored proper airspace frequencies for nearby aircraft. We never flew over people, never flew over traffic, never flew over 400ft AGL (or 400ft above buildings), and ceased our flight operations at moments where abiding by FAA drone law would have been challenging. Some locations required multiple trips before the location was safe to shoot at. Soundtrack: This is an original song written and recorded exclusively for this video titled “Lost Panorama” by To Be Decided, a Los Angeles duo comprised of guitarist Charlie Frey and pianist Caleb des Cognets; the song was produced by Josh Landis.   Click link to support the artist ! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-panorama-single/id1229396241?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 All content is copyrighted. Video content may only be embedded using the Vimeo player in its entirety, unaltered with accreditation. No portion of this video may be duplicated, altered, reused and or unaccredited without explicit permission. For more information on licensing or hiring us for aerial cinematography you can visit https://beverlyhillsaerials.com, email mailto:beverlyhillsaerials@gmail.com or call (310)-927-1793. Drone pilot Michael Izquierdo Camera operator Caleb des Cognets.

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DCN Pick: Happy New Year 2018 by Julien Herman //

DCN Pick: Happy New Year 2018 by Julien Herman //

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DCN Pick: ВИСОТА by Vlad Vasylkevych // This video was created…

DCN Pick: ВИСОТА by Vlad Vasylkevych // This video was created in the process of preparing material for the Ukrainian edition - an aesthetic magazine about traveling around Ukraine La Boussole Vol.11. Height. Camera: Vlad Vasylkevych Editing & Color Grading: Vlad Vasylkevych Music: Ólafur Arnalds

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DCN Pick: MTV GLOBAL RE-BRAND 2018 by Builders Club // MTV asked…

DCN Pick: MTV GLOBAL RE-BRAND 2018 by Builders Club // MTV asked us to help them rethinking their visual language on television globally. The overall theme they briefed us with was “Moodswing”. We created animated characters, backgrounds and logos that represent emotions such as love, sadness, trippy, relaxed, happiness, flawless, sexy, cranky, anger, energetic. Those animations can be used in between TV shows and relate to the mood of content that is going on air before and after. What came out is a tool kit that MTV’s regional teams can repurpose for they daily programme. We worked closely with MTV Global Brand Design Studio to put all these pieces of the puzzle together.

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DCN Pick: V&T (Vernunft & Triebe) by planet bennet // -…

DCN Pick: V&T (Vernunft & Triebe) by planet bennet // - an expressionistic digital collage that shows a violent inner fight between the human’s good sense versus its instincts impulses and desires. Graduation project at the Filmakadmie Baden-Württemberg, Motion Design Department 2017 Crew: Director & Producer: Bennet Meyer Performance: Claudia Ortiz Arraiza Director of Photography: David Dincer Art Direction - Lead Animation: Bennet Meyer Animation by Paul Brenner, Iris Schwarz, Tobias Frei Music & Sound Design by Nicolai Krepart Director of Set: Shoko Hara Hair and Make-up: Mahnaz Najib Senior Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, Prof. Manfred Becker, Alexander Hanowski

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/169853568580

DCN Pick: Alt J “PLEADER” Director’s Cut by Isaiah Seret //…

DCN Pick: Alt J “PLEADER” Director’s Cut by Isaiah Seret // Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks UK Executive Producer: Rupert Reynolds-MacLean Producer: Sonya Sier Director: Isaiah Seret Story: Joe Newman & Isaiah Seret Director of Photography: John Lynch Production Designer: Marie Lanna Costume Designer: Mr Gammon Hair & Make Up Designer: Freddie Stopler Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane Production Manager: Rebecca Mason Production Coordinator: Jana Nouskova Production Coordinator: Elena Argiros Production Assistant: Gabija Lauce Executive Logistic Manager: Nick Sier 1st Assistant Director: Louis Barron 1st / 2nd Assistant Director: Tom Allan Runner/2nd: Yasmin Seddon Runner: Daniel Linnik-Zhuravliov Runner/Driver: Tereza Dvorak Runner/Driver: Munzir Quraishy Focus Puller: Rupert Hornstein 2nd Assistant Camera: Kitt Sullivan Steadicam: Leo Bund Stills Photographer: Jake Dypka DIT: Mike McDuffie Grip: Benjamin Thomas Gaffer: Romaine Foster Electrician: Josh Wood Set Dresser: Andrius Vystartas Set Dresser: Jessica Morris Art Department Assistant: Emma Chitty Stand-by Props: Tom Major Art Dept Assistant: Ellie Koszak Action Vehicle Driver: Mr Weedon Costume Designer Assistant: Chloe Adele Costume Designer Assistant: Bridget Phelan Hair Make Up Assistant: Heather Pitchford Hair Make Up Assistant: Ellie Lewis Casting Assistant: Heather Basten Casting Assistant: Ariane Mason Locations Assistant: Heather O'Neil Locations Assistant: Zoe & Michael Tootell Researcher: Joel Maslin Choir master: Caroline Venter Cardiff Council: Emma Coulthard Cast: Sophie Cookson – Bronwyn Morgan Watkins – Andre Anton Saunders – Hew (Andre’s brother) Oliver Dimech – Younger Llewelyn Harry Tayler – Younger Llewelyn Ewan Hipperson – Older Llewelyn Nick Sier – Miner Robert Liddiard – Miner Chris Morgan – Miner Saskia Vaigncourt – Miners wife Liza Ludbrook – Miners wife Penelope Wildgoose – Miners wife Sanna Kelly - Nun Amy Evans – Nun 2 Basil Massy – Choir master Arron Shire – Choir children Elmari Venter – Choir children Honor Hopkin – Choir children Mathys Venter – Choir children Owen Keegan – Choir children Rayne Turner – Choir children Rubyn Dimond – Choir children Seren Wallington – Choir children Tegan Wallington – Choir children Tomos Boffy – Choir children Harvey Sullivan – School bully Rico Seddon-Davidson – School boy Levi Seddon-Davidson School boy Luca Jordan – School boy Oscar Rudolph – School boy Will Rudolph – School boy Edit company: Work Post LA Editor: Stewart Reeves Edit Producer: Marguerite Olivelle Music Edit - Parallax Music editors - Luke Lynch & Paul Rogers Post Production: Time Based Arts Tom Johnson - Executive Producer Sheldon Gardner - VFX Supervisor Simone Grattarola - Colourist Ben Stonehouse - Flame Bernardo Varela - Nuke Lead Ralph Brisco - Nuke Lisa Ayla - Matte Painting Mike Battcock - CG Ben Cantor – CG Federico Guzzardo – CG Sound mix - Factory Studios Sound Design & mix – Jon Clarke Audio Producer – Lou Allen Label: Infectious Music UK Manager: Stephen Tavener Manager: Chelsea London Marketing Manager: Jo Power Commissioner - Andrew Law Birth imagery excerpted from Stan Brakhage, Window Water Baby Moving (1959, 16 mm, colour, silent, 12:11) Volcano stock footage by James Reynolds – Earth Uncut TV Special thank you: Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, Thom Green, Shawn Lacy, Noam Murro, Chloe Page, Bradford Young, Isabelle & Jon Albuquerque, Jessica Seret, James Allen, Mike Skrgatic, Joshua Skurla, Lisette Nice, Hanna Bayatti, Samantha Chitty, Jeff & Deane @ Brownian Motion Pinewood, Craig & Hildegarde @ Prolight, Get Set Hire, Blaenavon Ironworks Staff, Sylvia & Team @ St Fagans Museum, South Wales Caving Club

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/169830332920

DCN Pick: DOUX – Over (official music video) by Alexander Frank…

DCN Pick: DOUX - Over (official music video) by Alexander Frank // DOUX - OVER Nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2018 WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY - Alexander Frank www.alexanderfrank.com DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, EDITOR & COLORIST - Leo Dorian Stiebeling www.leodorian.de 1ST AC - Patrick Heidekorn
 BEST BOY - Eric Cusminus
 HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST - Melike Cinko & Selin Sakalikaba 
COSTUME DESIGN - Alexandra von Jutzenka
 VFX - Paul Mayer
 SOUND DESIGN - Alexander Kellner THANKS TO KUNSTHALLE MAINZ www.kunsthalle-mainz.de 
THE LOFT FRANKFURT www.theloftfrankfurt.de
 CHAOS AD STUDIO www.facebook.com/ChaosADstudios
 BLEEDING NOSE RECORDS www.bleedingnoserecords.com STARRING Camillo Guthmann
 Tracey Grey
 Anja S. Gläser
 Jim Phetterplace
Yutaka Matsuzawa BANNER OF VANISHING, 1966 & WHAT ARE 9 LETTERS?, 1972 Kateřina Šedá IT DOESN’T MATTER, 2005
 Juergen Staack WEI, 2012/2016 Inspired by performance and theatre works of Marina Abramović (RHYTHM 0, The Artist is Present) & Ulay (Imponderabilia), Yoko Ono (Cut Piece), Chris Burden (Shoot), Punchdrunk (Sleep No More), Forced Entertainment & SIGNA, and the performance theories of Roman Ondák and Marcel Duchamp. Copyright 2017

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DCN Pick: Lumiere London 2018 by GPE IR // GPE is happy to…

DCN Pick: Lumiere London 2018 by GPE IR // GPE is happy to support Lumiere London 2018

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DCN Pick: utōpia х calligrafuturism by Ivan Novikov // Artist:…

DCN Pick: utōpia х calligrafuturism by Ivan Novikov // Artist: Pokras Lampas vk.com/pokraslampas | instagram.com/pokraslampas Photography/dress by Loginov Evgeny vk.com/eloginov | instagram.com/_loginov Camera: Novikov Ivan vk.com/ivan_novanova | instagram.com/ivan_novanova Kulikov Andrey vk.com/a89095818082 | instagram.com/andrewkulikov Video by Novikov Ivan vk.com/ivan_novanova | instagram.com/ivan_novanova Photo backstage by: Uspenskaya Marina vk.com/id186115831 Rusakova Darina vk.com/darunia | instagram.com/darirusakova models: Polina Gomova vk.com/id155811504 | www.instagram.com/polinagomova Ushakova Alberta vk.com/albertaberlin | instagram.com/albertaberlin Kosdauletova Aziza vk.com/azhna |instagram.com/azhnagood Danilova Anastasia vk.com/dana_model | instagram.com/model_danilova_ Uspenskaya Marina vk.com/id186115831 Location: Soulmate Photostudio vk.com/soulmateplace_photostudio St. Petersburg 2016

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