DCN Video Pick: Kontroll ‘18 by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy //…

DCN Video Pick: Kontroll ‘18 by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy // Short animated film about technology, typography, music and personality disorder.

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174665720558

DCN Video Pick: Circular Dimensions by Mask Movement //…

DCN Video Pick: Circular Dimensions by Mask Movement // “Any form of art can be accepted. As long as you are inspired.” Circular Dimensions is an art collaboration of Histibe & XP-Pen, filmed on Lumix GH5S. More details: https://www.behance.net/gallery/66005961/Circular-Dimensions

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174646249144

DCN Video Pick: “Venom” China Yggström by BABYBABY…

DCN Video Pick: “Venom” China Yggström by BABYBABY // “The vistas, bodily contortions and ruins of a tainted love affair.” Director/DoP/Edit/Color/VFX: BABYBABY Cast: Pär Andersson Meli Åkerman Jenny Lundberg Camilla Abrahamsson Sam Marberg Nils Pettersson Ruben Kronström Venom: https://spinnup.lnk.to/venom

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174569316245

DCN Video Pick: OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles by GIANTSTEP by…

DCN Video Pick: OFFF Barcelona 2018 Main Titles by GIANTSTEP by OFFF, let’s feed the future // Gemini - The long awaited Main Titles for OFFF Barcelona’s 18th edition by GIANTSTEP. “This sequence is about McLuhan’s famous quote "The medium is the message” infused with Greek mythology, Gemini. We adopted the story of Gemini and paralleled their story with the history of media; their secret birth, sisterhood, and death/resurrection along with letterpress printing, broadcast transmutation, and computer/AI world. Carefully composed shots allow the viewer to experience our poetic imagination of the story that we have arranged. We made sure the visual rhythm was achieved in the manner of visual poetry by repetition of imagery.“ Dive into this mesmerising sequence that explores a narrative masterpiece presenting each artist who joined OFFF Barcelona 2018. Main Title Sequence by GIANTSTEP Directed by Jake Ferguson, Heebok Lee Produced by Barrett Brown Edited by Zach Kilroy Talent Christiane Shillito (aka Ulorin Vex) Music and Sound Design by Box of Toys Audio Houdini Technical Director Serjan Burlak Art Direction Sasha Vinogradova Carlo Sa Chadwick Halbritter Felix Soletic Kaya Thomas Seth Garnes Eric Keller Los Angeles Post Production Editor / Post Supervisor: Zach Kilroy Lead 3D Animation: Woosong Kang Lead 2D Animation: Seth Garnes Animation / Design: Jan Sladecko Pipeline Management: Jean Delaunay Animation / Design: Gabriel Perez Animation / Design: Tyler Heacox Conscious Minds Executive Producer: Jonathan Green Producer: Mat Lancaster Producer: Barrett Brown Director of Photography: Ryan Speers First Assistant Director: Dustin McLean First Assistant Camera: Kelsey Juddo Gaffer: Chris Webha VFX Supervisor: Meng-Yang Lu Second Assistant Camera: Erick Crespo Propmaker: Clay Sparks Hair and Makeup: Christina Spina Electrician: Armando Milano Electrician: Rafael Rivera Key Grip: Kyle Klebe Best Boy Grip: Job Jaime Grip: Dave Luke Conte Dolly Grip: Caleb Zook Truck / Set PA: Daniel Vejdani DIT: Shiblon Wixom GIANTSTEP ART Team CG Supervisor: Dogyeom Lee CG Supervisor: Gryun Kim Lead Animation / Design: Sanghee Lee Lead 3D Artist: Taehoon Park 3D Artist: Sungjin Jang 3D Artist: Jisung Moon 3D Artist: Junho Kim 3D Artist: Haram Jung 3D Artist: Jeongrae Jo 3D Artist: Jaeyeoun Lee 3D CGI Team CG Supervisor: Daisuke Sakamoto Lead 3D Artist: Taemin Jeong 3D Artist: Jukwang Kim 3D Artist: Suhyun Cho 3D Artist: Daeseung Kang 3D Artist: Jeonghyun Shi 3D Artist: Hyungju Yu 3D Artist: Jaemoo Lee Lead FX Artist: Kichun Kim FX Artist: Soooh Jeong FX Artist: Intae Jang Lead Composite Artist: Dongkyun Seon Composite Artist: Janghyuk Kim Composite Artist: Jiwoong Park Composite Artist: Jangwoo Choi Composite Artist: Hyunmin Ju Special Thanks OTOY Quixote The Greenery Studios Hai Le Youngwoo Moon Jeongseok Yang

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174374605217

DCN Video Pick: Olga Midlenko Demo Reel 2018 by Olga Midlenko //

DCN Video Pick: Olga Midlenko Demo Reel 2018 by Olga Midlenko //

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174369135090

DCN Video Pick: Backwards x OFFF Opening Titles by Amigo Total…

DCN Video Pick: Backwards x OFFF Opening Titles by Amigo Total by OFFF, let’s feed the future // Creativity comes in all sort of forms, we have been witnessing a new era of emerging talents breaking the creativity scene. At OFFF Barcelona 2018, we hosted a brand new event called Backwards: a new platform where artists explore their creative boundaries without any limitations, without any definition and without a label - just pure creativity. Here’s the opening titles created by Amigo Total!

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174334862850

DCN Video Pick: The Artists’ Room – OFFF Barcelona 2018 Film by…

DCN Video Pick: The Artists’ Room - OFFF Barcelona 2018 Film by Mathery by OFFF, let’s feed the future // The Artists’ Room Inspired by the four letters that makes the OFFF festival’s name, “The Artists’ Room” tells the story of Oliver, Frida, Federica and Fiona who as they talk, never pronounce their initials. The O and Fs sounds are indeed saved for the final performance, opening the festival. Written & Directed by: Mathery Production Company: 1st Ave Machine Producer: Kerry Smart Executive Producers: Isabella Parish Sam Penfield Serge Patzak Director of Photography: Matthew J. Smith Production Designer: Oliver Hogan Costume Designer: Coline Bach Hair & Make Up: Polly Mossman Editor: James Wright Colourist: Danny Wood Flame: Kieran Baxter Music and sound design: Smider Graphic Design: Pietro Tarsitano CAST: Frida: Emma Laird Federica: Freya Warsi Fiona: Lydia Graham Oliver: Ed Rollit 1st Assistant Director: Sataish Oshea 2nd Assistant Director: Eleri Shone Casting: Hammond & Cox Production Assistant: Neama Batichi Focus Puller: Ran Geffen Clapper Loader: Jean Ash Key Grip: Pete Olney DIT: Jeremy Balderstone Video Playback: Nick Forrester Sound Engineers: Alan Mac Feely, Niall Cropper Gaffer: Neil Blackman Electrician: John Burke, Ricky Churchouse, Seamus Shanley Rigger: Gary Ridgewell, Luke Ridgewell Camera & Grip Equipment: Arri Media Electrical Equipment: Panalux Props Master: Alfie Fielding Props Buyer: Tors Beadles Art Department Assistants: Afra Zamara, Hannah Clarke, Jason Lee Thraves, Lottie Highfield Standby Props: James Middleton Construction Manager: Zane McGill Forest Costume Supplied by: Marios Dressing Room Costume Supplied by: Fantabody Stylist Assistant: Daniel Gray, Mahatma Michael Hair & Make Up Assistant: Nisha Aulum, Hannah Kueck, Helena Jopling Music composition: Guido Smider and Michele Caiati Foley artist and sound fx: Guido Smider, Andrea Pestarino, Daniele De Virgilio. Edit House: TenThree Assistant Editor: Chay MacTavish Post Production House: ENVY

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174214066872

DCN Video Pick: BEAT THE ROBOTS by Antoni Tudisco //

DCN Video Pick: BEAT THE ROBOTS by Antoni Tudisco //

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174124123264

DCN Video Pick: Digital Thinkers – Awwwards Conferences by TAVO…

DCN Video Pick: Digital Thinkers - Awwwards Conferences by TAVO // FULL PROJECT. https://www.behance.net/gallery/62250151/Digital-Thinkers-Conf The friends of AWWWWARDS called us again, this time it was for the complete creation of the image & identity of the event, both for the web, by the hand of the ADORATORYguys, and for the offline image of the event, print and editorial. The concept of these two conferences, Berlin and San Francisco, was DIGITAL THINKERS. We took care of materializing that concept with an explosion of colors and geometric shapes, making a wink to the banding effect that we have suffered so much digital designers with gradients.

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/174024065535

DCN Video Pick: Samsung QLED TV by Six N. Five by Six N. Five //…

DCN Video Pick: Samsung QLED TV by Six N. Five by Six N. Five // We developed short films that follow the concept of space transformation in response to the design of the Samsung QLED TV. Creative Agency: R/GA, Six N. Five, Sebastián Baptista Art direction: Six N. Five Animation: Sebastián Baptista 3D Design: Six N. Five Sound Design: Aimar Molero Agent: Eiger Agency

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/173987914917