(via 35PHOTO – Власов Егор – Вот она рыба моей мечты!!!!)

(via 35PHOTO - Власов Егор - Вот она рыба моей мечты!!!!)

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Water snake on the road by Tambako The Jaguar Via…

Water snake on the road

Water snake on the road by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
This is another photo of the water snake we saw on the Transpantaneira

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Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia


Travel photographer Jonne Seijdel captures incredible sights & animals at the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia.

The Lesser Sunda Islands consist of two geologically distinct archipelagos. The northern archipelago, which includes Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Wetar, is volcanic in origin. The islands of the southern archipelago, including Sumba, Timor and Babar, are non-volcanic.

More than half of the original vegetation of the islands has been cleared for planting of rice and other crops, for settlement and by consequent forest fires. Only Sumbawa now contains a large area of intact natural forest, while Komodo, Rincah and Padar are now protected as Komodo National Park.

A number of the islands having original vegetation of dry forest rather than the rain forest that covers much of the Indonesian region, have been designated by the WWF as the Lesser Sundas deciduous forests ecoregion.

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Winter WhitePhotograph by Stefano Unterthiner, National…

Winter White

Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner, National Geographic

Among the wildlife inhabiting Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park are ibex, chamois, red foxes, and ermines such as the one shown here wearing its white winter coat (its spring and summer coat is reddish brown).

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