The Teforia Leaf Tea Infuser is a new gizmo developed for those of us who fancy their tea tasty, well made, and unique. The sleek device takes tea and its brew seriously, if you do too, you?ll also know that each herbal blend needs a specific brew, and different temperature in order to release the full potential of dried leafs. That?s what sets this device apart from its competitors, along with the fact that they have high quality tea suppliers that will enhance the tea infuser?s technology. The tea packages that come along with the machine enable it to read instantly the tea you?re brewing and adjust water temperature, steep time and agitation. You also get a plastic BPA- free impact resistant water bottle, a water filter and more. Ideal for every day use, the device has an app to go with it that will get you more knowledgeable about this popular drink and its world. watch the video below

Learn more from Teforia, or grab one from Amazon

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【動画】 民進党 大塚代表の記者会見で渦中の「テレ朝 女性記者」のフルネームがバラされてしまいネット騒然

民進党の大塚耕平代表の記者会見で、まさかのハプニングが。 続きを読む

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Baby Raven (Source: https://ift.tt/2Haz2Em)

Baby Raven (Source: https://ift.tt/2Haz2Em)

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 4月18日、米フロリダ州からNASAが打ち上げたTESS(Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite/トランジット系外惑星探索衛星)は、太陽系外惑星を探し出す為のもので、第2の地球の発見を目指している。

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Young male timber wolf giving wildlife worker kisses (Source:…

Young male timber wolf giving wildlife worker kisses (Source: https://ift.tt/2HbsXDr)

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「花のち晴れ」の視聴率が惨敗・・ 伝説の「花より男子」シリーズの歴史に泥を塗る

かつての『花より男子』は、1期目が全話平均視聴率19.8%(ビデオリサーチ調べ、関東地区/以下同)、2期目はさらに上昇して同21.6%を記録した大人気シリーズだっただけに、TBSも今作には並々ならぬ期待をかけていたに違いない。だが・・ 続きを読む

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These Pics Will Bring Back Fond Memories Of Your Childhood – Turkish Couple Becomes Culinary Sensation With Miniature-Sized Dishes

Miniature cook Burcu Celenoglu Aydin from Istanbul has been cooking miniature versions of popular Turkish dishes in a tiny kitchen with a working stove and range of utensils.

Through her project titled Mini Turkish Cuisine, she cooks dishes in a small-sized kitchen and documents it with the help of her husband Anil Aydin.

Take a look at some pics from her kitchen.

More info: Instagram

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 が、一方、何を考えているのかわからない生き物もいる。そう、猫だ。猫は時々、自分たちが何をしているか理解しきったうえで行動しているように見えるときがある。しかしどんな悪行を働いても、悪びれない。きょとんとした顔を見せたりする。今回、猫ズの行った仰天エピソード集を画像でご紹介するよ。これがギルティ―かどうか、みんなで判断したい。 続きを読む

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【動画】 カシオの電卓に隠されている驚きの裏技ww 投稿ツイートが反響

シャープにはない。 続きを読む

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Clever KFC Ads Perfectly Replaced Fire With Spicy Fried Chicken

The best print ads often make you look twice. A perfect example? This campaign for KFC Hot and Spicy out of Hong Kong.

In a clever and well executed set of ads, Ogilvy Hong Kong replaces fire in photography—shots of the Space Shuttle, a rocket-powered race car and a group of Power Ranger stand-ins—with blown-up (in more ways than one) images of spicy fried chicken.

There’s not much to the concept, spotlighted by Campaign Brief Asia, but in this case that’s a good thing. Once you get the concept, you get the concept and can just sit back and appreciate the craft.

h/t: adweek

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image credit:Jim Barton / Flickr




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