Unique Laser-Cut Jigsaw Puzzles Based On Geological Forms By Nervous System

When you’re a pro at putting together jigsaw puzzles, sometimes an everyday scenery picture just doesn’t cut it – you need a bigger challenge.

But don’t you worry, the design company Nervous System is here to help by giving you a challenge you’ll be working on solving for hours on end. They recently presented ‘Geode’, a computer-generated jigsaw puzzle made based on the formation of agates, a colorful banded stone.

Each of the jigsaw puzzles is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made with the help of a computer program, which starts off by creating the edges of the puzzle and then building it up by going inwards. The creators of the brilliant piece emphasized its singularity by explaining that “each band of growth exhibits slight changes in growth rate, color and character resulting in a unique pattern.”

“Our goal was to marry the artistry of traditional, hand-crafted jigsaw puzzles with the possibilities of new technologies. Custom software simulates crystal growth to create an organic interlocking pattern. Our laser cutter translates this into a unique set of plywood pieces. We collaborated with contemporary digital artists who created engaging artwork for the puzzles.”

More info: Nervous System (h/t: demilked, colossal)

SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2017/11/unique-laser-cut-jigsaw-puzzles-based-on-geological-forms-by-nervous-system/

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横綱審議委員「貴乃花親方をこらしめないとダメだ 今の協会が悪くて現理事を一掃することが正義だ」

21日放送のテレビ朝日系「羽鳥慎一モーニングショー」(月~金曜・前8時)で大相撲の横綱・日馬富士(33)=伊勢ケ浜=が前頭8枚目・貴ノ岩(27)=貴乃花=を殴打した暴行事件を特集した・・ 続きを読む

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Finally not alone for Thanksgiving! (Source:…

Finally not alone for Thanksgiving! (Source: http://ift.tt/2AYfVG7)

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「人間さんお願い、うちの子を助けてください!」母猫の要請ではじまった子猫救出大作戦 (アメリカ)






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I started my first job today, the best perk is definitely the…

I started my first job today, the best perk is definitely the office dog! (Source: http://ift.tt/2hHPRHJ)

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テレビ東京、大みそか特番にまさかの「孤独のグルメ」放映決定ww 異例の生中継も実施、松重豊「この時間帯を捨てたな・・」

テレビ東京「孤独のグルメ」がスペシャルとして今年の大みそか夜(後10時~11時半)に放送されることが20日、分かった。同局でこの時間帯にドラマが放送されるのは、2009年「ルビコンの決断大晦日特別版 ニッポンの大決断~2009政権交代~」以来8年ぶりとなる・・ 続きを読む

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DCN Pick: VULGAR by Sidekick // Sidekick x Mirage present Vulgar…

DCN Pick: VULGAR by Sidekick // Sidekick x Mirage present Vulgar «Vulgar» by definition describes something trivial, simple but this word has another meaning when refering to woman behaviour. Agressif, moralizer, despising, castrating. It is constantly used in a conversation to characterize a woman’s action considered to be trespassing the boundaries of good morals. The idea of this video is to create an object to subvert this path; transforming two women into allegories, making them two different parts of the same entity. Kind and savage. Humain and beast. Flesh and spirit. Allowing themselves be Vulgar in all the pleasures of life. cast: Ludivine Bénard & Sarah-Megan Allouch directors: Julia Weber + Rafael Mathé fashion design: Petronille Salomé make-up: Théodora Elie gaffer: Victor Roblin special thanks to: Avril Besson, Lucie Cottin music: Father - Tropical / Wrist

SOURCE: http://motioncollector.com/post/167716211704

This is my landlord’s dog, he greets me every morning for…

This is my landlord’s dog, he greets me every morning for some free cuddles and belly scratches (Source: http://ift.tt/2zlayUU)

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Said goodbye to my litter of 7 foster kittens this weekend! ❤️…

Said goodbye to my litter of 7 foster kittens this weekend! ❤️ All are in wonderful homes! (Source: http://ift.tt/2j9jEJl)

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電車の中で暴れまわるクソガキ、親に注意をしたらまさかの・・ 投稿ツイートに衝撃走る

チンパンジー。 続きを読む

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