Vintage Advertisement Posters Of Russian Automobiles From The 1950s to ’80s

The automotive industry in the Soviet Union spanned the history of the state from 1929 to 1991. It started with the establishment of large car manufacturing plants and reorganisation of the AMO Factory in Moscow in the late 1920s–early 1930s, during the first five-year plan, and continued until the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991. Before its disintegration, the Soviet Union produced 2.1-2.3 million units per year of all types, and was the sixth (previously fifth) largest automotive producer, ranking ninth place in cars, third in trucks, and first in buses. Take a look to see the USSR automobiles in the 1950s to 1980s through these interesting advertisement posters.



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This old gal was just adopted from a nearby shelter by this…

This old gal was just adopted from a nearby shelter by this older couple. (Source:


Canadian Standoff (Source:

Canadian Standoff (Source:


【動画】 大杉漣さん、「バイプレイヤーズ」ロケ後に体調急変 松重豊が付き添い病院に向かうもそのまま亡くなる

21日未明に急死した俳優・大杉漣さんの、倒れる直前の様子が明らかになった。関係者が明かしたもので、20日、ドラマ「バイプレイヤーズ」の関東地方でのロケを夜に終え、ホテルに戻り食事をした後、自室で具合が悪くなったという。 続きを読む


i touch da fis… NO YOU DON’T!! (Source:…

i touch da fis… NO YOU DON’T!! (Source:


【動画】 女子パシュート日本が五輪新記録で金メダル! 圧倒的勝利に視聴者震える

優勝候補の日本は、高木美帆(23)、高木菜那(25)、佐藤綾乃(21)が出場した決勝で2分53秒89の五輪新記録でオランダを破り、念願の金メダルを獲得した。オランダとは1秒59差だった。同種目では10年バンクーバー五輪銀以来、2大会ぶりのメダルとなった。 続きを読む


German Photographer Carsten Thun Captures Provocative Photos Of Dancers In Unlikely Settings

The German photographer Carsten Thun introduces this sexy pictures collection. He has taken a number of provocative photographs of the dancers demonstrating their flexibility and technique in around the house.

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 2005年、ペルーとエクアドルとの国境付近、コルディジェラ・デル・コンドルで発見されたというナナフシの一種、「Peruphasma schultei」は、その漆黒のボディから、「ブラックベルベット」、もしくは「ブラック・ビューティー・スティック」と呼ばれている。



ショートトラック女子3000メートルリレーの5~8位決定戦。世界新で1着でゴールしたオランダに、銅メダルが転がりこんだ・・ 続きを読む


S. Fransisco 49ers Manhandles The New York Aircraft

Nicely, for exactly what it’s worthwhile, you can actually on least at this time make it again genuine, it can the perfect time to established off often the panic burglar alarm for the Aircraft. A few be apparent, be plain, be manifest in relation to this a person: we experience received ample.

I mean, more than enough with the cautionary asi, with the offensive extravaganzas, considering the media-grabbing spectacle; it’s time for it to start winning some video games. The Jets kicked from the season utilizing flying colorings at the rear of Mark Sanchez, exactly who achieved a single of his or her finest game in this profession next to the Buffalo Bills. Although it’s all been straight down hill as. Sure plenty of, should you glimpse their whole document, during 2-2 to get the year, things will be certainly not which will lousy. Precisely what more troubling here is normally a full other matter. They glimpse poor about the discipline, they really do not seem towards possess a concept the way to get their whole crime operating.
Intercontinental inescapable fact that people went for to use India Tebow seeing that if having been going to be able to be the reply.

Rex Thomas, the Jets head instructor, just would not seem for you to determine what in order to do through Tebow and Sanchez, and the San fran 49ers went on advantage connected with the following for you to hurt often the Aviation to be able to a 34-0 pummeling triumph at The big apple. The Frisco 49ers highlighted out truth be told there they’ve precisely what it calls for to go deeply into your postseason today. This unique guys own a reliable running gameplay, a bombproof defense, these even were able to play the particular wild-cat criminal offense at times, and the exceptional clubs have been because beneficial together could very well ever desire.
The 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith led San Fran’s efforts using 12 for 21 completing for 143 yards. Your dog knew very well that any succeed at the Fulfilled Life ground in Rutherford New Jacket was a should.

The 49ers running video game was sleek, they took to operated pertaining to 245 gardens which include 51-yard returned fumble with regard to a touchdown by Carlos Rogers. As though that appeared to be deficiency of, Outspoken Gore, Kendall Hunter together with data backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick — upon a wildcat-like option — all ran for rates. As some sort of matter about fact, it absolutely was Kaepernick, exactly who pulled off of the sort connected with engage in which will Rex Thomas although he or she would comes from Tim Tebow in and even out regarding who the winner.

On 3-1 for the months, things are very good for often the 49ers. At this point, their great loss last week to the Mn Vikings appeared to be unquestionably when they appeared more susceptible because we now have seen these products in your pair yrs. Thus being successful in this article ended up being essential. Some people necessary this particular motivational advance. “For positive, the full week there would be a tad bit more of a good sharp edge; it seemed to be merely a awful preference on your jaws, micron Alex Williams said while in the postgame mass media seminar. “I avoid think that goes away in one day. Our goal is to be 3-1 and acquired this executed. Inch
Often the 49ers gamed every thing many people had in the book. Or at least they afforded the Jets a good idea showing how one is certainly should fixed up a offensive hit.

Their selections tend to be a touch unique, but they work. The guy decided that will have got their party be in eastern Ohio as well as practice in Youngstown Assert all 1 week. The best telephone, I might head out ahead in addition to express contemplating just how good they will played within Fresh Jersey.

The barricade had some sort of interception together with three fumble recoveries, together with special coaches and teams blocked Robert Malone’s bet to placed up one more touchdown. It really seems which will the exact 49ers are probably accurately what the actual Jets considered they have been going to be the following season. Sean Harbaugh has got proved one time and once more that the person makes the particular 49ers this staff.

Now, let’s determine if they will be as dominant simply because they were in 2009.
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