Went kayaking down a river and this little guy joined us when we…

Went kayaking down a river and this little guy joined us when we stopped for lunch! Who knew foxes were so friendly (Source: https://ift.tt/2NvNRQp)

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This Fantastic 1000-Piece Full Moon Puzzle

July 16, 2019 marked the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch – the historic mission to the Moon where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first of humankind to set foot on the Moon. Our Moon puzzle celebrates this momentous achievement and will challenge and delight puzzle solvers everywhere. This 1000 piece, 26.5″ (67cm) circular puzzle features the near side of the Moon...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/this-fantastic-1000-piece-full-moon-puzzle/

The Superb Expressive Sculptures Of Matteo Pugliese

Matteo Pugliese was born in Milan in 1969. In 1978 his family moved to Sardinia and lived there for the next 12 years. During this time he developed a strong love for drawing and sculpture and practiced without formal education. More: Matteo Pugliese, Instagram, Facebook After finishing his secondary school studies in classics in Cagliari, he returned to Milan to attend university. In 1995 he was...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/the-superb-expressive-sculptures-of-matteo-pugliese/

Japanese Papercraft Artist Turns Snack And Sweet Packaging Into Awesome Characters

Japanese university student and papercraft artist @02ESyRaez4VhR2l (Haruki) loves Japanese snacks and sweets just as much as the rest of us, but he appears to be a bit more interested in the packaging they come in. That’s because Haruki, who’s been featured on national television for his outstanding artwork, has a talent for turning that packaging into awesome characters and even...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/japanese-papercraft-artist-turns-snack-and-sweet-packaging-into-awesome-characters/

Amazing Photos Of Keith Haring’s Unconventional Canvases On Vehicles

1962 SCAF/Mortarini Mini Ferrari 330 P2 in 1984 Born 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Keith Haring was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. h/t: vintag.es 1962 SCAF/Mortarini Mini Ferrari 330 P2 in 1984 Haring’s work grew to popularity from his spontaneous drawings in New York City subways—chalk outlines of figures...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/amazing-photos-of-keith-harings-unconventional-canvases-on-vehicles/



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 それでは早速、その物語を見てみよう。 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52278212.html

This Artist Skirts Instagram Nudity Rules By ‘Turning Rear Into Scenic Landscapes’

Instagram’s rules are very clear that nudity is not allowed on the platform. That’s because the app has a lower age-limit of 13 – so Instagram wants to make sure uploaded content isn’t too smutty. Even some art isn’t allowed if the nudity is too gratuitous. More: Leah Schrager, Instagram h/t: thesun Artist and model Leah Schrager has earned a lot of loyal followers with her...


SOURCE: https://designyoutrust.com/2019/08/this-artist-skirts-instagram-nudity-rules-by-turning-rear-into-scenic-landscapes/

【画像】 メットライフドームが吹き抜けになってる意外な理由・・ 完成までの「アホすぎる」経緯に驚きの声



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10103750.html

長瀬智也が脱退しTOKIO解散秒読みとの噂 ジャニー氏の追悼に区切りで決断か



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10103643.html



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 昨今のご時世では、性別問わずみんな美容に気を使っているらしい。そんでもって動物界でもそれって同様なのかもしれない。人間の手のひらで毛繕いするハムスターが、何を思ったか人間にもせっせとマッサージを施す姿が目撃されていた。 続きを読む

SOURCE: http://karapaia.com/archives/52278505.html

【動画】 けんかの仲裁に入った女性警察官を背負い投げ、あご骨折で前歯3本折れる重傷 31歳男を現行犯逮捕



SOURCE: http://blog.livedoor.jp/gunbird/archives/10103834.html