Winners & Merit Awards Of AAP Magazine’s B&W Photography Contest

Here are the 25 talented photographers who won the “AAP Magazine Black and White Photography Contest.

These amazing photographers come from 13 different countries, their work reflects their personal aesthetic and unique approach to black and white photography. It was wonderful to discover so many great works and compelling pictures. Clearly black and white photography continues to hold a prominent place in our hearts and imaginations!

The top 3 winners will be awarded $1,000.

1st Place Winner ($500 Cash Prize) – Donald Graham – Foxy, Los Angeles, California

Featured in my new book, “Donald Graham: One Of A Kind”, published by Hatje Cantz, April 2021.

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2nd Place Winner ($300 Cash Prize) – Angelika Kollin – You are my mother

This project is the exploration into the deep seeking for intimacy, for sense of belonging, for being loved and being able to love back. A primordial human desire for safety and acceptance, that starts during our childhood years and shapes the way we live our lives as adults.

3rd Place Winner ($200 Cash Prize) – Andrea Borgarello – “Notes on Migration” – Which is the plan for “l’Aventure” or the “Backway”?

“They never say «you leave tomorrow» you will never know that. For the clandestine departure, from the beginning until the end, it is on the same day.” “When they say” today we are moving to Italy “, everyone gets at ease. And when we went out, around 5 pm, we gave … everything you had to our friends. Everyone started sharing clothes.” Picture / Senegal, 2017.

Merit Award – Erberto Zani, Switzerland – Exodus

Portrait of an orphan. Until now, more than 300.000 children are victims of violence.

Merit Award – Peter Eleveld, Netherlands – Still Live with Glass

Shot was taken with old an WetPlate camera on glass, collodion process.

Merit Award – Eric Elmore, United States – Say their names

“I CAN’T BREATHE” became an anthem at the numerous BLACK LIVES MATTER protests in Phoenix, AZ.

Merit Award – Klaus Lenzen, Germany – Construction Art I

Art in everyday life – this is also to be discovered on construction sites.

Merit Award – Emmanuelle Becker, France – Flat Iron under renovation

There is beauty in mystery and mystery in beauty. In my work, I am interested in a mysterious and dreamlike treatment of architecture. I represent the urban landscape with expressionistic chiaroscuro to create an existential atmosphere in which man is absent. Odd angles and points of view add to the cinematic drama of the image.

Merit Award – Pierre Delaunay, France – Day of glory

Merit Award – Ingetje Tadros, New Zealand – Wondering what the day will bring

Amanda Lewis lays on the couch in Esther’s house in Kennedy Hill wondering what the day will bring. The word is that Kennedy Hill will slowly but surely be completely demolished. It is now seven dwellings left. When all the dwellings are gone, where will all the people moved on by the Mallingbar Aboriginal Corporation go? The land may either be sold or in some sort of joint venture developed. Broome, Western Australia.

Merit Award – Alexej Sachov, Ukraine – Inside the wave. The storm is coming.

Merit Award – Emmanuel Monzon, United States – URBAN SPRAWL, EMPTINESS- About the night

When I am working on a black & white series, what is important for me is that the color black must be truly black and that the color white must be truly white. To be more precise, the black and white play important roles in photography, and I use them to create the atmosphere that I desire. I mostly do black and white photos during the night, because I think the black and white contrast more during the night. Generally, it is in these conditions that a unique atmosphere can be created.

Merit Award – David Dhaen, Belgium – The gatekeeper

This is a portrait of a priest, guarding one of the gates of Lalibela, Ethiopia. He was really smiling when i took his picture and showed him.

Merit Award – Terése Conway, United States – Holding the Line

Inspired by the textural quality of collodion wet plate images, my goal with this series was to capture the landscape of Carmel Valley in a timeless way.

Merit Award – Ivan Ferrer, Israel – Working Mother

A working mother waits for her child to finish work.

Merit Award – Tuan Nguyen Tan, Vietnam – Children playing on Nam Cuong sand hill

Merit Award – Tatiana Ilina, United States

Merit Award – Jon Wollenhaupt, United States – Man With Cigar

Mourning in the Treme: Documenting a Second Line Funeral Procession, New Orleans. A second line is an element of a jazz funeral procession that is composed of two parts: The main or “first line” that comprises the parade leader, the brass band and the krewe or club with which the band is affiliated, and members of the funeral party. The second line is made up of spectators—friends of the deceased, neighbors, and even tourist—who follow the main line dancing and reveling in the moving spectacle.

Merit Award – Dirk Roseport, Belgium – CLOSER TO THE GODS – GLACIER #2

Closer tot he gods explores the places where we, as humanity, feel small. Where nature impresses us and looks like it could crush us at any moment. It is in our vulnerability that we admire what nature offers us. At no cost, free, for all to see and experience. I see it as important to record these gifts and show them to those who cannot be there.

Michael Ruggiero, United States – Tunnel Vision – Yankee Stadium, New York City

From the Series: Anonymous Citizens.

Merit Award – Ari Jaaksi, Finland – Ice Fishing

Frozen lake. Minus 20 degrees Celcius. Nothing moves. No sound. Ice fishing is a form of meditation where catching fish is not the main purpose. Shot with a Rolleiflex 2.8F camera on Kodak Tmax 100 film in January 2021, in Tampere, Finland.

Merit Award – Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Ireland – Boy with Striped Shirt, Galway, Ireland 2017

Irish Traveller Boy with striped shirt at a horse far.

Merit Award – Jacque Rupp, United States – Agnes

Agnes drove her 3 young children across the country at the beginning of the war. No interstates, no maps … just sheer determination to protect her children and bring them to a safer place. The is an image from my “Outliers” project which explores the strong women in my life and the tension that exists between their adventurous spirit and lonely isolation. They pushed the boundaries, paved the way but at a price. I combined family photographs and family to bring their stories to life.

Merit Award – Stephen Hoffman, United States – Getting ready

I spent a lot of time photographing Melinda . Here she getting ready to attend Sunday morning church services. She has serious drug problems but she is constantly trying to get herself clean and sober.

Merit Award – Jefferson Caine Lankford, United States


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 そこで登場したのが、ドローンを利用した人工降雨だ。その効果はテキメンで、人工雨が作られたドバイの一部地域では効きすぎて警報まで発令されてしまったようだ。 続きを読む



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Youtube / Atlas Obscura



 専門家によると、ピンク色が受刑者たちの攻撃を抑制する効果があるとして、スイスやドイツ、アメリカなど複数の国の刑務所内の独房の壁などがピンク色に塗られているという。だが、受刑者らには不評のようだ。 続きを読む






 幸い天候にも恵まれる地域が多いので、日が沈むころにはまん丸のお月様を見られそうだ。 続きを読む






 これは、歩くことをあきらめなかった小さな少女と、少女を支え続けることに使命を見出した大きな犬が幸せを紡いでいく物語である。 続きを読む




 アメリカ国内で、アジア鯉(アジアンカープ:Asian Carp)は外来種であり防除対象となっている。その外見も良く思われていないことから、ネガティブなイメージが「アジア」という特定の人種を想起させる言葉と結びつくとして、アジア系コミュニティが鯉の名称の変更を強く求めていた。

 そこでミネソタ州では、2014年、公文書に「アジア鯉」と表記することを禁止し、代わりに「侵略鯉(インベイシブカープ:invasive carp)」と明記すること決定された。











 この映像は大人のリカオンが狩りをして、捕ってきた獲物を子供たちに分け与えるところを撮影したものだ。獲物を口にくわえて持ってくるわけじゃない。独特の方法で持ち帰って来るのだ。 続きを読む





 この映像は大人のリカオンが狩りをして、捕ってきた獲物を子供たちに分け与えるところを撮影したものだ。獲物を口にくわえて持ってくるわけじゃない。独特の方法で持ち帰って来るのだ。 続きを読む


James Blake – Say What You Will (Official Video)

James Blake - Say What You Will (Official Video)






 だが医師がその願いは叶えてあげることはできない。今更ワクチンを打ったところでもう手遅れなのだ。 続きを読む